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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Mishaps!

This time of year, given all the time with family, all the people, all the cooks, all the guests, and all the little "extras" that accompany celebrations, create a serious recipe for disaster. And so it is that often the most memorable holidays involve not the good times, but the comedy of errors that tends to start conversations.

And so, I thought that as we all sit back from the computers with our extra pounds, we might as well laugh and burn some of it off. Please post your disasters, and here are some of mine:

1. When I was a little girl, of course I was not allowed to play with matches, and I didn't want to. Nor was my brother allowed. But, during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, when we got the china out accompanied by the candles, well, we were allowed a very special honor; lighting the candles. I remember watching my brother complete this honor for a couple years, and finally, it was my turn, and I took my responsibility very seriously! Matches were no toy!

So I leaned over the table and lit the first candle, then carefully moved the lit match to the second candle, and lit it just before the match burned down to my fingertips.

And that's when I realized that sulpher wasn't the only smell in the air...for in lighting the second candle, I'd leaned over the first...and lit my hair! Yes, I was fine, but it could have been worse...

2. When I was in sixth grade, we spent Thanksgiving in Michigan with Dad and our Grandparents. While we were there, the upper midwest was hit with a HUGE snowstorm. So my brother and I spent the weekend of Thanksgiving shoveling just to try to keep up. Because the storm didn't end until sometime on Sunday. Thus, we weren't able to head back home until we were shoveled out. So my brother and I didn't make it back to school until Tuesday or Wednesday that year. Grandma and Grandpa were really happy to have a clear driveway and sidewalks, though.

3. A few years ago, I brought my boyfriend home for Christmas. (The one I thought I would marry. Thankful now that didn't happen.) At the time, I was working for the Fire Dept., was through training although on light duty. My boyfriend, who had gotten me into that particular mess, was a firefighter as well.

That day, my brother made what was destined to become his specialty; Green Bean casserole. Well, while it was ready to go, he'd forgotten to put it in the oven on time, so even though the Turkey and everything else was done, the hot dish was still cooking. That's when he got the bright idea to turn up the BROIL. You know where I'm going with this...

Yup. That's what happened. As my boyfriend and I sat at the kitchen table sipping wine and chatting with my brother and Mom, my brother went to check on the hotdish.

He stood up quickly, eyes wide, clearly startled.

"We have a fire."

My boyfriend and I looked over at him, and even from where we were, we could see that my brother was serving his veggies flambe'. There was only ONE thing to do, and we both swung into action.

"Close the oven door." We intoned. "Turn off the oven."

Then we went back to sipping our wine.

My brother did as directed. He opened the door, and stood up again.

"It's still burning."

"Close the door." We sipped wine again. "Turn on the fan. Open the windows." Sip wine again.

Well, the casserole was ruined, but all was well.

3. Last year, I invited a friend to my Mom's house with me. When we arrived, I stepped in, hugged Mom, hugged my brother, and turned to introduce my friend.

The door was swinging friend was in the hallyway! I yelled my brother's name, glaring at him accusingly and quickly opened the door. There stood my friend, smiling as I profusely apologized. He forgave all immediately, no offense. My brother had heard that I was bringing a friend, but apparently hadn't seen him there so assumed he hadn't come let the door close. He was terribly embarassed.

And my friend, God bless him, was completely unconcerned by the door slamming in his face.

Great, guys...I invite a friend and you close the door on him.....

Don't you all just LOVE family gatherings?


Melody K said...

I left this comment after your Friday's post, but since it is a disaster story, it really belongs here instead:
Had a great Thanksgiving at my Dad's place. Everybody brought their specialty, so no one had to work too hard. The guys fixed the turkey outside in a propane turkey fryer. However Friday wasn't so great. The septic tank backed up in the basement from all the extra people taking showers. Two plumbers and a lot of hassle later, everything is back to normal. And I too am grateful to be back in my own house. (Not nearly so grateful as Dad is to have his house to himself again!)

Adoro said...

melody ~ You commented while I was writing this, I think. Great story. Not much worse than a septic tank backup!

Anonymous said...

This is a Christmas story but it has to do with turkey so I will submit it.

I was a young bride of 18 when I made my first real turkey. Having been warned by family, media and recipe books that turkey seemed to be highly suspectible to causing food poisoning I didn't want to take the turkey out too soon to thaw it. I think I took the bird out of the fridge on Christmas morning!

We ran to the neighbours and threw it in their microwave (this was 1982 and they were still a pretty newfangled invention and this microwave was the size of a small garage.) So, in went the bird, on went the oven and while parts of it thawed, parts of it cooked! Finally we just took it out and stuck it in a pan on the counter. Dinner was at 11 PM Christmas Eve!

Adrienne said...

My first turkey was doing just fine until the light in the oven exploded - probably from the grease fire that had started in the oven. This was shortly after indoor ovens and light bulbs were invented. I became hysterical and when I tried to rescue the turkey, which was now full of glass shards, I dropped it on the floor. Not to worry - I just picked it up, dug out the glass (hoping I would get it all) and served it. Everyone thought it was one of the best turkeys they had ever had. If they only knew!!!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I'm glad your hair is still intact-LOL!

This is a pretty clean recap. Come on, no family fights, old grievences rehashed for the 100th time, Uncle so and so drinking too much, Grandpa sleeping on the couch with his trousers unzipped? Oh, wait, that's my family.

Adoro said...

Angela ~ I've heard LOTS of stories involving frozen turkeys and how they don't cook so well....LOL!

Adrienne ~ Never mind the bones....that glass is killer! Glad it turned out!

Cathy ~ I didn't know you were a Griswald! LOL!