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Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm sick, just called in. I hate being sick.

All week I've been fighting a cold, nearly called in on Wednesday, but it was going to be one of our busiest days so I went in. And seriously, had I not been there my co-workers would have been crushed by all the happenings. Yesterday I was still under the weather, but felt a little better, and went for Thai food at get the spicy stuff. And it helped. For awhile, but I ended up leaving work an hour early figuring to just add an hour to my 4 hour day today. And I have to be at work very early on Saturday morning for something.

And I've been having really weird dreams all week long, too. Bizarre vivid dreams that often characterize fevers. One night I was wandering around in a chausable - and it was a real pretty one, not the tablecloths the self-styled "priestesses" wear. And even in the dream I thought it odd that I'd be wearing a chausable. In another dream, my brother was telling me what chapters or verses to look in for information on God's mercy in the Bible (for my synthetic paper). It was verse 31 and 40. Or chapter 31 and 40. Or psalm? I don't remember, but believe you me, my brother would not give such advice. I'm not sure he even knows what the Bible is.

Anyway, I think this is the first time I'm calling in to work and not overly worried about what isn't getting done. There are no claims coming in, no vehicle inspections being cancelled. I'm not going to come back to a mountain of voice mails tomorrow morning. In other words, I can stay home and be sick in peace. And get well with my chicken broth and warm lemonade.

Although, sadly, I still have to go to the store, I still have to take the dog out on occasion, and these things are not negotiable. All I wanna do is hang out in a warm cozy house with a cup of tea in my fuzzy robe and fuzzy slippers. And nap a lot, the type of nap only a sick person can take. I don't wanna go outside!

And it's a First Friday so I HAVE to go to Mass tonight, but if I still feel like this I should not be in a crowd. * sigh *

OK, I'm going to end my whining now. Hope you all don't get this cold. It's flattened everyone else in my family already.


uncle jim said...

wish i could just say


and it would be gone

but not likely ... but will pray for quick recovery

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Today is a "First Friday"?

Adoro said...

Um...nope, it's not. Tomorrow is a First Saturday, but next Friday is a First Friday.

Good! I'm off the hook and won't miss First Friday Mass! Yay!

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Ok. I was pretty sure I understood how the calendar system worked. ;)

I wasn't sure if there was some special rule I didn't know about, such that if the last day of the month is a friday, it counts as the First Friday for the next month, or something weird like that.

Adoro said...

No, you're completely right. Being sick has just confused me.

Nancy said...

I don't have the excuse of being sick to get confused. ;)

Cathy said...

I woke up with a cold this morning. (Not a bad one - just annoying.)
This after being sick a couple of weeks ago.
I am NEVER sick. Not ever.
And now, twice in two weeks.
I was thinking to myself about all the poor sick bloggers out there - it's really going around - and then I see your entry.

Feel better!

Adoro said...

I think the blogosphere might be passing germs electronically. That's the only explanation.

I do feel better now, which is good because I have to get up at 4:30 am tomorrow to go to work.


Adrienne said...

I think Airborne really makes a HUGE difference. Walgreens has their own brand which is way cheaper and is exactly the same stuff. Shortens the length of your cold by a significant amount of time.

You are hereby ordered to get some.

Adoro said...

OK, Mom

Hidden One said...

Hmmm... just as I'm beginning to feel sick...crap.

Anyway, I'll be praying for your healing, Adoro and Ma Beck.