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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Caption Contest!

I took this photo (or maybe my friend did) while horseback riding near Jordan, MN a few years ago.

Sooooo....who's got a good caption?


Terry Nelson said...

Where's Cathy?

Vincenzo said...

Terry wrote:
"Where's Cathy?"

Weird. I almost made the tree ask that. :-O LOL

Adoro said...

OMgosh, you guys! ROFL!

I was actually wondering who was going to bring in LOTR! LOL!

And NOW we know what happened to Cathy! Can't Gandolph do something????

Vicenzo, I'll post the pic, but we'll have to wait until more captions are in....yours deserves a post of its own!

You even have the horse's ears still in the pic, and the look even WHITER than they did in the original!

Warren said...

The horse ears sticking up from the bottom of the frame are the surprise element. The tree is freaky looking too. It could definitely be an Ent.


Adoro said...

Ultra ~ I realized after I posted that my friend DID take the photo...because those are her horse's ears. Clearly, we were horseback at the time! my mind is blanking and I'm about to be embarassed...what's an "Ent."?

That tree is really freaky, isn't it?

Vincenzo said...

" my mind is blanking and I'm about to be embarassed...what's an "Ent."?"

Treebeard was an Ent.

Adoro said...


Yup, my face is red. I'll get over it....

At least I'm not a tree.

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, the face reminds me of what i would imagine to be the face of a tormented soul in Hell.

But great shot, looks kind of cartoonish once you factor in the horse's ears.

Unknown said...

Well we certainly know who the sparkplug is for the Twin Cities deanery of St Blog's Parish. When Cathy disappears from our lives, all of the vim and vigor, not to mention the Veuve, disappears also.

I have two theories as to what may have happened to her.

She saw a little frost on her windshield the other day and decided not to come back out of hiding til St Catherine of Alexandria's Feast Day, which doesn't come until November 25, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, also the Feast of Christ the King this year, pretty much the end of the liturgical year.

Or, she found a new job and she is on a tour of all of their stores and won't be back til 2012. I heard tell that all St Blog's Parish bloggers will get triple coupon discounts at all stores.

And they even sell the Veuve in some states, alas not Minn.

Let's hope that she'll be back for her Feast Day.