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Monday, November 26, 2007

Book List for 2nd Semester

Would anyone be offended if I posted my book list for 2nd Semester? I hope not. Consider this a "wish list" of sorts. Please let me know if you have these books and you're willing to send them my way to be marked up, tabbed, and used for higher education:

***** Catholic Theological Tradition *************

- Richardson, Cyril, ed Early Christian Fathers, TAN books,
ISBN-10: 0684829517 or (pbk) 13 - 978-0684829517

- Belloc, Hilaire, The Great Heresies ISBN-10:0895554755, ISBN 13: 978-0895554758
- Chesterton, G.K., St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi Introduction by Ralph McInerny and Joseph Pearce, Ignatius Press, ISBN-10:0898709458 or ISBN 13:978-898709452

- Neuner, Josef, S.J. and Jacques Dupuis, S.J., eds. The Christian Faith: Doctrinal Documents of the Catholic Church, 7th Edition, New York: Alba House, 2001.
ISBN-10:0819908939 or ISBN-13:978-0818908934 (hrdcover)

- Bedouelle, Guy, The History of the Church (Handbooks of Catholic Theology Series) London/New York: Continuum, 2003
ISBN-10:0826414818 or ISBN-13:978-0826414816

******* Fundamental Theology ******************

- Kreeft, Peter and Ronald K. Tacelli, Handbook of Christian Apologetics, Downer's Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1004.
ISBN-1-0830817743 or ISBN-13:978-0830817740 (pbk)

- Sheed, Frank, Theology and Sanity, San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1993 (Original 1947) ISBN-10:0385508190 or ISBN-13:978-0898704709 (pbk)

- Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity, Harper SanFrancisco, 2001
ISBN-10:0060652926 or ISBN-13: 978-0060652920

**************New Testament I ***********************

- Dauphiniais, M. and M. Levering, Holy People, Holy Land: A theological Introduction to the Bible, Grand Rapids, Brazon Press, 2005
ISBN: 1-58743-123-8

- Carson, D.A. and D.J. Moo, An Introduction to the New Testament, Second Edition. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2005.
ISBN-10:0-310-23859-5 or ISBN -13:978-0-31023859-1

- Ratzinger, Joseph, Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth. New York:Doubleday, 2007
ISBN-10:0385523416 or ISBN-13:9780385523417

- Gundry, Robert A Survey of the New Testament, 4th Edition, Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 2003. ISBN 0-310-23825-0

- Pope Benedict XVI Jesus, The Apostles, and the Early Church, Ignatius Press, 2007
ISBN-10:1586172204 or ISBN-13:978-1586172206

- Staniforth, Maxwell (translator), Andrew Louth (author), Early Christian Writings: The Apolstolic Fathers, Revised edition, Harmondsworth: Penguin Classics paperback, 1987.
ISBN10:0-14044750 or ISBN-13:978-0-140-44475-9

I have my registration paperwork and I'm registering for 2nd semester. I think I'm $300 or so ahead from the loan I took out in August, and I do think I'll be maintaining at least a "B" average from my first semester, which enables me to keep my merit scholarship. But the rest...I still have to pay for the rest of the semester and the books.

I recongize some of the book titles, but don't have any of them. I will be applying for another loan for this semester, and can only assume they will approve me as my credit remains good; and the total will continue to be deferred for the next 3 years. The unfortunate part of graduate school loans is that they are not subsidized; the interest will continue to build.

I'm willing to accept that, both because I love God and feel called to further education, and because all money belongs to Him. If God does not want me to continue, His Will will become clear. In the meantime, all I can do is continue to work at this.

God's will be done.


Adrienne said...

If you perhaps post an Amazon wish list it would be easier for us to help.
I have Mere Christianity but it would be just as easy to purchase it for you on Amazon. They have made it super simple to do your wish list.
Check it out and let us know:)

Adoro said...

Adrienne ~ I thought about that and might get around to it, but if people happen to HAVE any of these books in their home and would, say, otherwise give them to Half Price books, or Goodwill, etc., well, an Amazon wish list won't be helpful. Thus, this post is more for those who HAVE, before their tresures go elsewhere! :-)

Adrienne said...

If a paperback of Mere Christianity is ok I'll be happy to send it to you.
It's clean and ready for you highlighter.
Let me know and I'll get your address.

Adrienne said...

My gosh - I can't seem to get any of my words or letters right:)

Unknown said...


I've got Theology and Sanity (with a few notes in it) and Chesterton's paperback on St Thomas and St Francis you can have.

Anonymous said...

I have Jesus of Nazareth by the Holy me with your address and it's yours!

Adoro said...

Wow, thanks, everyone!

Adrienne, if you want to shoot me an email I'll reply with my info.

Angela, I'll send you an email.

Ray ~ We all haven't gotten together for awhile...maybe we should have a local Catholic blogger party, then go over to Terry's house, TP it and say it was the neighbors down the street!

Melody K said...

Sorry I don't have any books on your list. I don't suppose you would want one I have by Edward Schillebeeckx (required reading from my college days). Just kidding about that. He's unlikely to be on Ave Maria's list!

Unknown said...

The Neuener and Dupuis book is expensive but go ahead and get one. I promise you will use it multiple semesters and will not regret having it. You might be able to find a used copy through amazon used. I used it every semester practically to look up one document or other.

I wish I had some of the books to send you. I I borrowed the Belloc Book from my parish library.

Michelle said...

Be sure to check out Cheap.

Adoro said...

Michelle ~ I bought almost ALL my books last semester via internet, but for the ones I found on ABE. Why? Because EVERY SINGLE book I found on ABE was actually not in stock, which, of course, I didn't learn until a week after I placed the order and paid for it. Certainly the bill never showed on my credit card, but that doesnt' change the fact that had I not thought some of the books were purchased I could have bought them elsewhere.

And couldn't because they were all out of print and snapped up by others who weren't fleeced by an internet bookseller who advertised that which they did not have.

Sorry, not a fan of abe.

If they have what I want, I'm happy to buy it there, but given the total cost of books and shipping, given that internet buyers are not really so reliable (the same thing happened with Amazon last semster), well, I figured it's best, both to save money and to find sure sources, the best place to go is my readership.

And all you who are sending me books...make sure you stick some kind of note in the book. That way I can remember to pray for you every time I open the book! :-)

I will be doing internet book shopping, certainly, and it IS cheaper to get them used, even with shipping charges.

I'll even be checking out the local Half Price books. They don't advertise, but one can occasionally find great treasures there.

Unknown said...


I've sold a lot of books on

abebooks is much bigger.

But the best way to search is which searches through abebooks, alibris, biblio, maybe amazon and others, too.

Yes, not being in stock is a problem with internet sales of books because of most of the big sellers also have "brick and mortar" shops also. And they don't seem to be able to keep track of their inventory.

Occasionally you will see outrageous prices for some books because the sellers who also have bookshops always hope for somebody walking in the door who "really needs" a book and for whom money is not an issue.

uncle jim said...

well, i thought i had the kreeft and sheed and lewis ... all io can find is the lewis and i see adrienne is already going to supply it - perhaps i can help some other way ... i'll write you usps.

Michelle said...

Thanks for warning me about abe as we approach Christmas. I bought my husband's birthday presents there (August) and had no problem, but I'd hate to be left hanging for the holidays.

Adoro said...

Ray ~ Before you go to alibris to sell....give me yoru book list if they're theological in nature. I might be able to garner you a better audience with the MST program at Ave maria. :-)

Michelle ~ They may not be all that bad, esp. with regard to more popular titles. But when we theology students are looking for out-of-print books that are required for class, well, my guess is that the general public is not looking for the same books.

ABE was recommended to us so must be decent; maybe my tirade is more against the issue of publishers not publishing treasure!

So if you find what you want there and it's in print, you shouldn't have a problem.

Hidden One said...

Sorry Adoro - only book I have on that list is Lewis' book, and someone's sending it to you, AND mine is on someone else's nightstand atm, so I'll send an extra few prayers your way instead.

Kasia said...

Only ones I have are already being sent to you, but if you put up the Amazon wishlist I might be able to send you an early Christmas present. Keep us posted!

Russ Rentler, M.D. said...

I have Kreefts /Tacelli's book on practical apologetics.
LEt me know if you need it.Please send me your address by going to my web site and contacting me via the e mail link on
not my blog, but the new website.
hope I can help

Adoro said...

hidden one ~ Thanks for the thought, and thanks for your prayers. Prayers always needed!

Kasia ~ Hopefully I'll get around to that Amazon wish list. I also have to add a couple books that I missed when I did this original post.

Tiber Jumper ~ Thanks, I do need your help with that book! Your new website is awesome...everyone....go visit Tiber Jumper's website, and pray for them when they appear on EWTN on December 10.

Kacy said...

Ray from MN and Adoro Te, I also have Chesterton's work on St. Thomas and St. Francis. My husband and I have two copies between the two of us, and it would be easy for us to give one away.

Please let me know where to send it.

Joyful Catholic said...

Hi Adoro...
We have a few great books, too, so I'll check and see and get back to you. God bless you a you move on ahead in your studies. We have a great many Protestant books from our near 30 years away from the CC but those probably wouldn't help you. ; ) We do have Mere Christianity, but it might be in a collection of Lewis. I would suggest Sheldon Vanouken (sp?) who was a "disciple" of Lewis, Severe Mercy and Under the Mercy are the two I've read. He converted to Catholicism in Under the Mercy. Just two good quick reads for you.


Adoro said...

Hi, Susie!

Thanks for the recommendations...I'm always looking for good books to read. Although in this case, the above list isn't a casual list, but one that was sent to all students for required reading/resources for the corresponding classes. For now I'm focusing on what I HAVE to buy, as opposed to stuff I just wish I had.

* sigh * I miss reading for fun.

Hidden One said...

Nowadays, for me, reading for fun is what happens when I like a book I have to read.