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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Deep Theological Implications of Coffee Beans

This morning I found a bookstore with a coffee shop, and sat down to try to structure my paper on unanswered prayer and suffering. Of course, I also purchased a large dark-roast coffee, which unfortunately tasted burned. But I was in need so drank it all down quite contentedly.

Studying spirituality always seems to lead me into previously-unconsidered territory, which is not surprising. And in fact, quite a warm, excited feeling descended upon me as I began to make connections, the synapses firing in my brain.

And then I began to consider deep theological questions which had never before occurred to me to ask.

* How can I tell the difference between the action of the Holy Spirit versus the action of too much caffeine?

* When contemplating spirituality, what is the difference between actual higher forms of prayer....and an excess of coffee?

* Is this detachment...or overindulgence?

While becoming quite overjoyed at these questions and the potential answers, I became likewise aware of that great internal feeling, that "fire" in the soul, and that I was in need of a "study break". (* AHEM *)

Now I'm back home, having run errands, and I'm still shaking.

Maybe I should rethink the coffeehouse setting with regard to my Saturday study time.


Adrienne said...

Those are, indeed, deep questions. The effects of too much caffeine could definitely be similar to being “slain in the Spirit.” We had a healing Mass at our church –I was too sick to go LOL – and the usual suspects, according to our pastor, were flopping around on the floor like flounders. Was it the Spirit or too much coffee on the way to church??

PS I found my perfect local coffee house. No more jealousy.

Anonymous said...

How about trying decaf? Or half-caf?

Adoro said...

Hmmm....I think my attempt at dry humor has fallen short of the mark. Either that, or people are just used to taking me seriously. That's a symptom that I must work harder at adding humor to my blog.

Adrienne ~ You mentioned before you found a new place for coffee. Where? Mom and pop shop?

Angela ~ I was in NEED...half-caf or even decaf would have not been a good thing. So I did what I do a LARGE and very strong coffee...that was a mistake. Especially since I'd had coffee at home since I can't even wake up without it.

And no, I'm not giving it up, simply because I don't want to.


Kiwi Nomad said...

I am not a coffee fan.... but give me chocolate.... gimmee gimme gimme..... can you feel my heartbeat race all the way over there?

Adoro said...


I have chocolate here...come on over! I'm not sure it'll be worth the cost of your flight, but it's chocolate!

Unknown said...

I do believe that I detect a PhD dissertation subject and probable Book of the Month Club and Oprah selections.

Adoro said...

Ray ~ LOL!

I can just imagine the headlines! " a cup of coffee!" Worthy of Oprah for sure!

Next thing you know, I'll be up there with Dr. Phil giving spiritual advice as it applies to coffee drinkers. Then I'll have to write a book about finding God in tea.

Adrienne said...

I think we're just "out drying" you. As a matter of fact, I have a coffee bean that looks just like Jesus that I'm going to sell on ebay. Bidding will start high!!

My new cafe is locally owned and has been here about 3 years. I have no idea why I never went there until last week. It is just sooooo perfect. Three rooms, bookshelves (full of books), couches, cute tables, and they even have great lunches and the prices are reasonable. They encourage folks to hang out and. will also be selling one of my hubby's CD's.
Thank you Holy Spirit!!!!

uncle jim said...

i used to be a 3-pot-a-day guy ... strong and black and straight-up.

then my doc got on me and now, after a horrendous decaffeinating period, I am a decaffer - and it just plain don't taste very good ... so i don't drink it much at all anymore.