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Friday, April 28, 2006

Why is a Minister of the Circle of Sacred earth allowed to teach the Catholic Faith in Catholic Churches?

I've been recieving some hate mail lately, and I'm not at all surprised. After all, I was the one to throw down the gauntlet and call into question why a professed pagan is teaching the "sacraments" and "Bible study" at various Catholic parishes.

Her name is Gabriel Ashley Ross and in a previous post, found here, I summarized her actual beliefs, which she conveniently provided herself....all over the web. This is public info. I find the fact that a pagan is teaching our children and adults who had the same watered-down upbringing as I to be outrageous, and it needs to come to an end.

I do not know her nor, as one commenter suggested, would having a cup of coffee with the woman change the fact that Gabriel Ashley Ross's beliefs are directly contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. I'm sure that if I met her I might even personally like her...generally, I get along with everyone, even those with whom I disagree.

Some may question why the actual beliefs of the teacher, in this case, Ross, really matters, especially if she's following general guidelines?

Simple. Let's use logic. I'm Catholic, right? So my values and beliefs are very much tempered by my faith, and I will tend to do everything from a Catholic perspective; that is, if I do have a correctly formed conscience in the Catholic faith.

Now, as a Catholic, would it be acceptable for me to go into a group of Wiccans and begin to teach them their religion? Or might they take offense, correctly arguing that I do not have a vested interest in their beliefs and I am "tainting" them with my own, and possibly planting seeds for their conversion to my own faith? Darn right that's what I'd be doing, and if you are gullible enough to beliefe that Ross isn't doing just that, whether consciously or unconsciously, then you need to get a grip on reality.

Here's an example of one of the hateful commentators, who apparently doesn't understand what it means to be "tolerant":

Boy, your "concern" is full of hate and fear. It is pure vitriolic. What are you scared of? That our children will learn about world religions and learn from someone different than you so that they can grow-up to be more tolerant, well-informed, productive citizens who try to understand their neighbors?

So let's discuss this. In my original post, I expressed concern that this pagan is teaching our faith, not in a public school or university, but IN OUR CATHOLIC PARISHES! Apparently it's quite unconscionable that a Catholic would dare to speak out against such an outrage. I guess I'm intolerant then. Fine. I am guilty.

First point: Fear. If I were fearful, I would not respond to this. I would pull the post down entirely. Especially after the hateful comments and the typical accusations of "intolerance". I am not fearful; but I sense fear in all who support this woman, for her time teaching at Catholic parishes is nearing an end, God willing. She can go teach at the Circle of the Sacred Earth; or she can denounce the New Agey religions she holds so dear, but she cannot continue to live this duality and expect that her behavior will be accepted.

This person asked what I am scared of...well, I'm not "scared" of anything. This just proves what Ms. Ross is teaching....the children at "her" parishes should not be learning world religions. They should be learning their own faith, for that is why their parents have brought them to a CATHOLIC Church. If Ms. Ross cares to teach about world religions, then she can do so in a government-funded or Wiccan-funded or Circle of Sacred Earth- funded venue and if Catholics want to go see her there, then fine. But stay away from children who need to grow up in their own faith before they chooose to enter the confusion that Ms. Ross peddals.

Going back to the comment, I fail to see how teaching world religions to children in a Catholic parish makes them more understanding of their neighbors, or better people? I'm thinking that this person is casting a judgment upon me without actually knowing me. Thank you, anonymous commenter, for making my point so well. Tolerance is a two-way street, and we're all supposed to be equals...but Catholics are less equal than anyone else. Our beliefs aren't respected but we are apparently supposed to cave in to whatever new ideal presents itself at our parish doors.


Let's talk about tolerance, then. Let's discuss the fact that in our society, tolerance applies to every sin under the sun, but those with dearly held belifs are not allowed to express those or demand that they be upheld in God's own house. This anonymous commenter so clearly expressed this sad truth about our society; if we stand up for what is right, and denounce evil, then we are intolerant.

Let's hear some more from that commenter: You say you never met this Gabriel but then you profess to know what she teaches, what her values and beliefs are, and what she stands for. That's blasphemous. Your citation from another parent is hearsay and only that person's perspective.

No, I never met Gabriel, but I can see her values and beliefs all over the web pages she advertises for herself. How is pointing out the obvious "blasphemous"?

BLASPHEMY: The act of expressing lack of reverence for God. Irreverence toward something considered sacred.. I took this definition from The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a secular source.

It seems to me that if "blasphemy" applies here, it is in allowing a professed pagan (again, announced all over the internet on web links I provided) into God's house to teach her own version of our faith. How is this respectful or reverent to God?

I have to wonder if this poster things that she is God since the accusation against my post is right there in black and white? I have not been irreverent towards God, but towards a woman who should not be teaching in our very parishes.

The commenter went on to say that Ms. Ross is very "tolerant and well-rounded" and apparently she knows more about scripture than a lot of other people. Fine. So does Jeff Cavins, but he has the respect to actually BE Catholic and so it is proper for him to teach it in our parishes.

I guess that some people, when saying such things about scriptural knowledge, forget that Satan was very well versed in scripture and he quoted it fluently when he tempted Jesus in the desert. The fact that Ms. Ross knows scripture does not give her credibility. There are thousands of denominations out there and they all split because they don't have the Magasterium to refer to as a yardstick when interpreting Sacred Scripture by using Sacred Tradtion. Nor does Ms. Ross.

Many people don't realize that Tarot, Divination, Faery-doctoring, Reiki, Eastern Spiritualities, etc., are all sins against the first commandment: "I am the Lord your God; you shall have no other gods before Me." Ms. Ross is into this other stuff, this faery-doctoring, she is a Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth, and as such, she is giving her allegiance not to the Triune God, but to her own gods. This is firstly, for a Catholic, a mortal sin. I do not know the state of Ms. Ross's soul, but she should at least be aware, if she is teaching the faith and even the Sacrament of Confession to children, that such things are a mortal sin. If she is not aware of this, then she should not be teaching for she is not informed enough to teach. Secondly, if she is aware that what she is doing is a mortal sin, then she should step out of her teaching position and either choose that or renounce it and convert wholeheartedly to Catholicism. She cannot serve two masters, and, speaking as one who was once involved in that stuff...she is not serving God. Nor was I when I was nearly inducted into a Voodoo Cult.

(As an aside: if anyone has any questions about my lack of "open-mindedness", then check out my Tarot story- where I could have lost my mind, my life, and my soul)

Now, as faithful Catholics, we have a right to speak out against such atrocities. Of course it's no surprise that this kind of thing happens; after all, there are a lot of misguided Catholics out there, and New-Agey things being interjected into our parishes is not new...but it needs to end for it leads people astray.

Perhaps Ms. Ross doesn't realize that she has no business teaching these things in a Catholic parish, as our belifs conflict so strongly. I'm sure she thinks she has the best interest of her pupils at heart, but the reality is that she does not share our beliefs and thus, he teachings are tainted at their foundations. Her very commenters express such ignorance and intolerance of our Catholic beliefs that they provide proof that if they are learning from Ms. Ross, she's doing a terrible job.

Even I recieved better catechesis in the watered-down programs of my youth. I at least was taught that in order to be forgiven, I had to recognize that I sinned. I'm not sure, from what I have heard from witnesses, that she is able to use the word "sin", nor that she is able to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.

Catholic parishes are Catholic, they are a house of God, and within them, Jesus himself resides in the Blessed Sacrament. Yet while the tabernacles in these parishes wait in silence and patience for the faithful to pray, instead, parishioners are in the parish hall listening to the distortions and misrepresentations of our faith straight from the misled lips of a Ms. Gabriel Ashley Ross. She's no messenger, friends, and she needs to stop teaching in our parishes, unless she renounces her New Age philosophies and ebraces the beliefs she is pretending to teach.

This is a Spiritual battle, folks...arm yourselves well.

For further information on the occult and New Age and why they are incompatible with Catholic belief, check out this article.


Cathy said...

Let me just say that I have an enormous respect and admiration for you.
If we don't stand up for holy mother Church, who will?

Cathy said...

ADT. Heh. I've been working as a police dispatcher too long.

Rick Lugari said...

How intolerant of you. If we can have anti-Catholic bishops and cardinals why shouldn't we be able to have anti-Catholic religion instructors?

Sounds as hypocritical as it is intolerant. C-c-c-can't we all j-j-just get along?


Adoro said...

Thanks, Ma and Rick.

If you haven't read the initial story on this (the link is at the top), I laid it all out there. You'll have to copy/paste the link because I can't get the html to work. Rick, if you stop back, is there any way you can assist me with this? I tried using the html link option at the top but when I do, it publishes with an empty space where there should be a link. Not so good, then.

Anyway, if you all check out the original you can read the commenters to yourself. I can't believe these people think that my mind would be changed by having a cup of coffee with this woman. How shallow is that?

The funny thing is, that every time I have come home to one of those vitriolic commenters, I had initially not been planning to attend Mass that evening..and each time I have headed immediately over to the chapel to either pray or attend Mass or both. (We have perpetual adoration).

Methinks these commenters are not getting the reaction they had hoped, which would be the removal of the truth from my blog. Can anyone pick this story up and link it to get the word out?

Anonymous said...

You've been linked to on my blog. You'll also be in our prayers.

God Bless,


Unknown said...

Good job, Adoro.

This is a better way to handle it.

I've found somebody who's got a bunch of links to Father Altier's Homilies, both text and voice, on the WayBack Machine and what looks to be a Lay Carmelite web page.

Rick Lugari said...

Adoro, the trick is that you have to highlight the words that you want to appear as the link first, then click the link button and type or paste the url in it.

If all else fails you can make the link yourself:

< a href="url" >text< /a >

I purposely put spaces between the bracket and their neighboring text so it will show here. You wouldn't want those spaces there.

Adoro said...

Thanks Rick! Edited this post and the prior one.

Anthony...thank you, brother, and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Adoro - the Holy Spirit is hard at work through you! Praying my rosary for your intentions today.

Anonymous said...

As Catholics with compassion and love for our fellow man, maybe we each should have a Mass said for Ms. G A Ross.

This is spiritual warfare and ultimate destination of her immortal soul may be at stake. Surely as a professed (or nominal)Catholic, she should agree and appreciate 10 or 20 Masses said for her benefit. After all the Mass is the most powerful prayer of all and a Mass said for a living person is worth immensly more than a Mass said for a soul in purgatory.

(If anyone thinks this is vindictive or disagrees with me, then have the Mass said for me instead. God knows who I am! I would welcome any and all assistance and prayer. I have the hope of salvation but the ultimate destination of my immortal soul is also not known with absoulte certainty. I am working on my salvation with "fear and trembling".)

Adoro said...

anon- I've actually offered a couple Masses for her and her cohorts. And said Divine Mercy Chaplets.

Why do you think having a Mass said is vindictive? How could that be construed as vindictive??????

As far as her Catholicism---I do not believe that she has ever claimed to be Catholic, but I can't confirm this. She is clearly a professed pagan, and thus, she cannot possibly be Catholic. If she was raised Catholic and has left the faith, she can return if she denounces her occultic ties and goes to Confession.

I'm sure she would not appreciate Masses said for her, but just the same, you're right and it should be done. If she does appreciate it, then more the better...then at least she woudl be disposed to the graces God has for her.

Anonymous said...

I bet the parish of St. Joan of Arc is involved in this absolute scandal.

What does Rome do while the world burns?

Adoro said...


From what I could tell from a Google search of her name, and witness reports, she proliferates her version of "spirituality" at St. Bart's in Wayzata, St. Joan's (link is embedded in this post), and Pax Christi. I think I also saw a reference to St. Odilia, but I'm not sure of that one. She was supposed to talk at St. Hubert's last year, but I think that she was shut down.

She also has a link to the Sisters of St. JOseph Carandolet (associated w/ St. Cate's)...and THEY are into labrynths and all sorts of other New Age spiritualities.

I'm actually going to order Fr. Mitch Pacwa's book...and I think put a rush on it. I wish I coudl speak to him directly about this issue!

As far as what Rome does...well, Rome expects us to take up our own crosses and follow Christ, and we are actually obligated to defend the faith to the degree we are able. For some, that means praying a rosary for a special intention...for some, it means writing letters...I think my job is to rile others up about it because that seems to be happening. I know I've ticked off a few pagans! :-)


Anonymous said...

Can you guess who that is in the middle picture and to the right?

Anonymous said...

Another interesting observation from that link to the St. Bartholomew website:

In the bottom picture, is Dr. James Shannon who resigned as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis because of his dissent from Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae.

His autobiography is Reluctant Dissenter : A Catholic Bishop's Journey of Faith by James Patrick Shannon

Here is a synopsis of the life of former Bishop Shannon.

Anonymous said...

Having Dr. Shannon at your parish (St. Bart's) teaching what Vatican II is almost as bad as a pagan teaching the sacraments to innocent children.

We need to start a crusade to take back these liberal parishes from the enemy!

Where is King Richard the lion heart when you need him?!!

Standard said...

Gabriel Ross was at St Hubert's - world religions class; She has a bible study at St BArt's on Tuesday mornings; She was lecturing for Metro Bible Fellowship at Pax but got fired - and is going to be at St Ed's in Bloomington next fall. The Metro Bible Fellowship fiasco can tell you a lot about who she is ... apparently she got bad reviews from the membership so the director asked her not to come back. She has quite a "groupy" follwing and they raise a huge stink & are now starting a bible study at St Ed's on the SAME DAY, SAME TIME, SAME TOPIC that Metro Bible is having their study at Pax. Real nice group of Christian ladies. They were screaming at the director and bad-mouthing her ---- then they have turned around and are recruiting members from the Metro Bible study!!! They aren't even advertising on their own, they are making it a fight between Metro & themselves becuase Tricia, the director, wouldn't back down. They said they didn't care what topic, as long as Gabriel Ross was the lecturer -- yet they took Metro's topic. They have really trashed the Metro Bible program and have made all sorts of trouble. Metro has been around almost 30 years and it it run by women who really care about their membership. This is the kind of person Ross is -- she deleberately made it at the same time AND took their topic.