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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Local Freemasonry and their Satanic Rituals

It's on the web, people. It's on the web and it's among us. A friend of mine sent me several links today and I recognize the name of the writer of the "Gnostic Mass" from other readings about paganism, satanism, and the like. Pray before you read, my friends. Ask for the intercession of St. Michael. But look at the wicked, evil, twisted parody that does not even pretend to worship the One True God. I will not summarize or post here as I do not want the filth directly on my site, but I will post the links for you.

Local Freemasonry- read about the uses of their "temple" here and note the link to the Gnostic mass:

Full text of the satanic mass is linked below. It contains links with more chilling explanation of their practices and rituals. This is always held in a secret location and those who attend must arrive on time as the doors are locked so that no one can enter nor can anyone leave until it is complete. Note also that they require all to partake in "communion". Refusal is not an option.

One thing to make clear is that there are two seperate groups above. The Freemasons rent their "temple" out to the satanic group, and my friend revealed to me that many of the masons attend the "worship" of the satanic cult. I am sure there are some very good but misled people who become involved in Masonry, however, when they are exposed to such trash, this clearly can lead them away from the Lord. Anyone who walks into that temple walks into the lair of the devil.

Pray, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray.


Tubal Cain said...

good thing i'm strong and I don't believe in satan. whew
so i'm safe in masonry.....
funny, in all the different masonic groups i joined, i found more christian references than heretical stuff.
Maybe by me actually joining and seeing first hand, I saw and experienced how harmless and non satanic the rituals actually were. I guess it helps I have a college degree and am well read to be able to really decipher the symbols displayed. It is a good thing God gave me a free will and good soul with a solid spirit to be able not to be misled by zealots of any ilk. I hope you save all these misled people. I think God wished we did not judge others and let Him deal with them when it is time.

Adoro said...

Brother, I'm sorry but if you do not believe in Satan, then you are inadvertantly following Him. It's one of his biggest lies: that he does not exist.

I have some Masonic materials, those of my father. Funny, I, as an educated person, have learned to read between the lines and see that just because there are references to Christianity and Christ that the references aren't really Christian.

I find it funny that you do cannot even come out and directly accuse me of being judgmental, but have to do so in a backhanded way. It's a good point you bring up, though, so let me make it clear that the references in the Bible to judgment do not include making discerning judgments about groups and actions. We are not to judge another's soul and if you look above, you will see that I acknowledged that there are likely some very good and well-intentioned people who get involved in the Masons.

I have judged no one's soul, only their involvement in an organization. Apparently the arrow hit a little too close to the mark for you to bear, though. Could there be truth in what I have posted? For if there was not, would you have reacted so strongly?

God bless you, brother. I will keep you in my prayers.

Our Word said...


I don't know whether or not you're of the Catholic faith, but since this is a Catholic site I think it's important for you to keep in mind the Catholic Church still prohibits Catholics from being members of the Masons. My trust in the teachings of the Church is such that I figure if that's what they say, there's got to be a good reason why.

You indicated you're an educated man, and I'll take you at your word, so I'll provide you with some primary sources on the relationship between Catholicism and Freemasonry:

The Old Catholic Encyclopedia's entry under "Masonry."

The declaration from the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith affirming the prohibition of Catholics joining the Freemasons.

An article from the Arlington Catholic Herald on why Catholics are still prohibited from joining the Freemasons.

Some Freemason talking points from Catholics United for the Faith.

Now, if you're a Freemason but not a Catholic, then I think it's good that we've had the opportunity to show you what the official Catholic teaching is. But if you're both a Catholic and a Freemason then you should be aware this is a grave act in the eyes of the Church; and if you don't agree with this we'd enjoy hearing your reasons and evidence as to why you feel the teachings of the Church are wrong.

I'm sure this could be an edifying conversation, even fruitful. My suggestion, however, is that if you'd care to pursue it, you should drop the snarkiness and sarcasm and engage in serious discussion. We'd all be better off that way.

A blessed Easter to you all,

Anonymous said...

Seriously. You wrote "...a grave act in the eyes of the church...".
What about whether or not it's a grave act in the eyes of God? Who knows other than God?
I propose a different approach. Be tolerant. Show everyone that Catholocism has all the love and acceptance that the world needs during these trying times.
Through the examples and enduring displays of Christian beliefs, others will want to emulate them, and will in-time become followers of the faith.

Adoro said...


You clearly are not Catholic.

A little history: the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ, and the keys to the kingdom of God were given to Peter, the rock upon whom the Church was built. Jesus Christ gave his authority on earth to Peter to pass down through the last 2,000 years, and when the Church makes a declaration, she speaks with the very authority of Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity. Therefore, when we say that something in the eyes of the Church is a grave matter, we are speaking with the authority of God, not for ourselves. We are not making our own declarations, but speaking of Church teaching, ie the teaching of God.

Secondly...tolerance. I love how that word is thrown around. The culture today likes to use this word in place of "permissiveness", and they do not mean the same thing.

We will NOT tolerate those things which go against our faith, and you are WAY out of line to demand that we do. God does not give us free permission to comport ourselves as we like without the sting of consequence.

Pick up a dictionary and compare the terms "permissive" and "tolerant", and then take a good look at your own beliefs and how "tolerance" does not logically hold up.

Thank you, we will continue to speak with the authority of the Lord as has been passed down for 2,000 years through the Church and if the truth, which is unchanging, ticks you off, then so be it. That's your problem, not ours. The Truth is not comfortable, and I'll be the first to admit it. It's not easy to follow God's word, but give me the narrow path any day.

God bless you.

Our Word said...

I don't have much to add to Adoro's comments. I agree that you can't be a Catholic; otherwise you would realize that when the Church speaks with its teaching authority, it does speak with the authority of God.

And Christ wasn't too tolerant of the moneychangers in the Temple, was He?

I think Adoro has been much more tolerant of the comments on this post than many of those who disagree with her would have been.

Anonymous said...

I pity your ignorance. Like most you have only gone on what you were told instead of what is true. There are no secrets in masonry aside from the words, grips, and signs that we use to identify eachother. Same as any other fraternity. Merely because we are the largest group of organized men in the world we are automatically evil, power hungry, global controling, and, the worst insult of all to any God-loving man, satanists. How would you feel if I declared all Catholics papist idolators, praying to statues like a pagan? You'd be very offended, as I am when you throw allegations like this towards my brothers. Remember this, if freemasons realy did control the world, don't you think that we would stop people from actively recruiting people against us?

Adoro said...

Richard L., I doubt you'll be back to read my response as you clearly didn't read what I actually wrote. But I'll respond anyway.

NO WHERE did I suggest that the Masons were all involved. The entire point of my article was that a particular temple is hosting a Satanic mass, and that some Masons may be in attendance. I took pains to poitn out that I was talking about 2 seperate groups

Why don't you read what I actually stated rather than drawing a conclusion you will not find?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I appologise. I did jump to a conclusion and now upon further reading recind my previous statement.
I don't, however, see anything all that wrong with it. I admit, it's not Christian, but it's not Satanist either. It seems to be a typical Golden Dawn ritual, or atleast similar to it. There is a lot of the ritual elements that are similar to some elements in Masonry but almost all of Crowley's stuff draws from the tried and true from the 18th century.
As of the other masons attending, they're free to do whatever they want religiously as long as they believe in a higher power that they don't mind having called the generic term "God" amongst other masons.
The other group was probably renting the site from the Masons under the recomendations of the brothers that were a part of the group.
Remember this, while the Abrahamic God demands that we worship no god before him, he doesn't, however, dispute other gods' claims on their own followers' faith.

Adoro said...

Richard L., thank you.

You say Crowley draws from the "tried and true", and I have to ask how you define such?

Clearly you are not Catholic and by the statements you have made I discern that you are also not Christian. Therefore, I understand why you would not see what the Gnostic "mass" is a problem.

Suffice to say, in a nutshell, that it is a mockery of that which we as Catholics hold dear and most holy; suffice to say that to read of such is to understand better the attack upon heaven which resulted in the ejection of 1/3 of the angels created by God, the leader of which was Lucifer. The Gnostic "mass" is a travesty, and it is a completely lie; it sucks away free will for it requires that all in attendance participate, and not a single legitimate religions requires visitors to do so. It's wrong on so many levels.

As far the God of Abraham...there is only one God, period and Amen. The Lord DOES claim all life as His children and does claim all souls as His for he is their creator. However, He gave all souls free will; the freedom to choose life for eternity or death in the form of allegience to beings who do not follow His commandments.

Sure, there are other "gods" but the appropriate term for them is "demons".

Here's the thing; as I've said, God is the Creator of all; because of this, the logic does not follow that other "gods" have a "claim" upon their own "followers."

It could be said that I followed demons in the past, so I do not speak as a sheltered woman.

I realize by your post that you disagree with my position here, and I respect the fact that you disagree. You, also, sir, have free will, and even your denial of the one True God and His claim upon all of us, does not make Him any less powerful or any less a reality.

I do pray that the Lord does bless and keep you.