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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't Talk About the Obvious

I read this today and realized that doing so was the equivalent to banging my head against a brick wall. If you read this, you can share in the experience.

ST. PAUL (AP) - Sexually transmitted diseases including chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis climbed to a record high last year, with outbreaks concentrated among teenagers and young adults, the Minnesota Department of Health said Thursday.

Some 15,785 cases were reported to the Health Department, according to a news release. Chlamydia cases rose 5 percent to 12,187 - doubling since 1996. Gonorrhea was up 18 percent, and early syphilis more than doubled.

"This is the highest number of cases we have ever seen in a single year," said Kip Beardsley, who oversees the department's sexually transmitted diseases and HIV section. "It represents an alarming trend that says loudly that too many infected people are going untested and untreated."

Teens and young adults accounted for almost 70 percent of chlamydia and gonorrhea cases, while the vast majority of syphilis hit gay and bisexual men in the Twin Cities area. The suburbs saw a 9 percent increase in chlamydia cases, while cases were up 6 percent outside the metro area.

Untreated chlamydia or gonorrhea can lead to infertility, while untreated syphilis can cause blindness, brain damage, heart problems and death. Sexually transmitted diseases also increase the risk of HIV infections. The diseases often don't have initial symptoms, but their spread can be prevented with the use of condoms.

Let's talk about sex and the consequences of our culture's worship of sex:

Teenagers and young adults are experiencing chlymidia and gonorrhea in record numbers. So much for "safe sex" programs. Glad to see that their (Planned Parenthoods', et al) theory is so effective. I hope the proponents of sex are proud of themselves, that is, if they can ever pry themselves away from the phone as they await the results of their own tri-annual HIV testing.

How dare we Catholics suggest that immoral behavior has consequences, and that such consequences are a result of said immoral behavior?

I found this quote to be especially precious:

"It represents an alarming trend that says loudly that too many infected people are going untested and untreated."

What this really says is that too many people are rutting like wild animals without regard for the dignity God gave them. Did you catch the numbers on syphilis? Maybe we wouldn't be seeing these statistics if places such as Planned Parenthood would stop touting condoms and abortions and start facing the facts that rampant sex is akin to suffering and death. And in fact, abortion is murder of an unborn baby. And, in fact, people die all the time, horrible deaths, from AIDS, and people rot away from syphilis, and people die of cancer caused by other STD's such as chlymidia and HPV (that's warts, people).

Let us pray that the eyes of those around us who cannot see the obvious be opened. Let us pray that they come to know and to love God and stop this crazy worship of sex and denial of real consequences. People are dying, spiritually and physically, in droves, all out of the refusal to open their eyes to the Truth.

I'm going to give anyone reading this a very simple piece of advice: if you are not married, then STOP HAVING SEX! STOP RUTTING AROUND WITH MULTIPLE "PARTNERS"!

Am I casting stones? No. Jesus loves each and every one of us so much he took a beating-several, in fact, and then stretched out his hands and endured nails in his hands and feet, a crown of thornes on his head, and he died in dire agony, all for us. All for YOU personally. His death was personal for all of us.

But let us remember that when Jesus stopped the stoning death of the adulterous woman (that's the same sin as sexual relations outside of marriage), his next line to her was,



Lynne said...

I'm surprised the article didn't mention HPV the spread of which condoms won't prevent. It is potentially a cause of cervical cancer.

Adoro said...

I'm surprised, too. It's something now near 90-100% of sexually active women test positive for HPV even if they've had only 1 partner themselves...because of course, that 1 partner had others before her etc. etc. I don't know the stats on men, but I learned that one a few years ago.

And they just sweep it under the rug as though it's not important because it's not the HPV that kills's the cancer.