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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why is a Methodist teaching First Communion to Catholic Children?

This is really unacceptable. Before you read the link please consider that the person teaching has never been instructed in the Catholic faith. Apparently she is operating under SJA's lack of authority, so her own misunderstanding of the Eucharist can be excused. She likely doesn't know that what she is teaching is not in conformation with the Catholic faith.

So who is responsible for this lesson to the innocent children of SJA parish in Minneapolis? Who is to answer for this lack of catechesis, which is even worse than that which I recieved?

An excerpt:

Drama: We joined Jesus (Larry Sheehan and Mary Donovan) at the Passover meal. Jesus washed the feet of the first communion children, asking and explaining, “Do you understand why I just did this? I am your leader, and I just helped you by washing your feet. If you want to be great, you need to help others like I do.”

I have no problem with people explaining things so that children cannot understand. We can consider the Apostles to be children of a sort, but the commment, "If you want to be great...".. is beyond prideful. Jesus never suggested that the Apostles would be "great". The understanding children have of "great" is much like that of adults: We know greatness. Jesus was great. Secretariat was great. George Washington was great. Abraham Lincoln was great. Liberaci was/is great. Children are not stupid, and such a word cannot be used if what one wants to convey is that Jesus, while "great" was the servant of all. He was the epitomy of humility, and this is something that SJA eludes in understanding and in teaching.

Believe you me, I struggle with humility myself, and SJA is NOT the source I look to to find it. I am so sorry to see that the children are growing up with the same lack of understanding of their parents.

Church: “The most important part of communion is ‘union,’” began Kathy Itzin. She talked about the importance of making peace with others before taking communion.

Now I agree that the teaching is to reconcile with one's "brother" prior to approching the most Holy. This is very important. But let's look at what SJA teaches is the "most important part" of Communion: union.

How is "union" more important than the fact that the bread and wine become the very body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ? This is a BIG DEAL!

I am not surprised that SJA is enforcing their own rhetoric upon the children and so I ask you to pray throughout this Holy Week for the children especially.

And if you have any doubts about what the "teachers" really believe, then check out their reference to the Most Holy Body and Precious Blood of Christ:

She also said it was “good church manners” to eat the bread right away.



Consuming the Body of Christ is not "manners", nor is it optional. It is a requirement of the faith. It should not be suggested that not consuming the flesh of the Risen Savior immediately is optional.

Kris Sundbergh led a scavenger hunt in the sacristy. Every child was given a list of items that are kept in the Sacristy. Among the items were the priest's vestments, baptismal candles, communion supplies and even the sink where the unused wine is disposed of.

The children really NEED to understand that once consecrated, the wine is no longer wine, but the actual Blood of Christ. Clearly, they are not learning this. One gets the idea that reading this page that "wine" is simply poured down the sink and into the sewer like so much refuse.

No wonder the wounds of Christ are bleeding so heavily.

I do not mean to say that I am not a sinner, but I am a sinner who has been subject to this type of "teaching" and I am angry. I am angry because I was never taught the Truth of our faith. I never had a firm foundation, and now I am seeing generations of children raised with an even greater lack of understanding of our faith.

Maybe we can let the adults go their own way, but how can we allow SJA to continue to mislead the children?

Jesus said, "Let the children come unto me,", and yet, the children are being prevented. I guarantee that if SJA is still using pita bread, the children, while innocent, are still not partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ, but only a cheap substitute.

This cannot continue. What can we do? Please offer your Holy Week devotions and sacrifices for both the innocent children and the mislead adults of SJA.


Anonymous said...

I was a attendee for a while at St Joan's 20+ years ago as I began my "reversion" process. One of the reasons that I stopped was the fact that Protestants and Jewish people were regularly going to Holy Communion. One of the early "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" programs in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I really miss Father Altier's sermons. I did find this site with three talks given by him.

Anonymous said...

Adoro (Julie): You can bet that none of those children will ever learn diddly about the Catholic faith (other then about how it "oppresses" women and gays) at SJA. As you know, I attended SJA for over 10 years and I know for a fact that the Sunday school (run by a lesbian) does not teach the Catholic faith. They go out of their way to say it's Christian but not Catholic. Don't want to scare anyone away, you understand. Or, disrespect someone else's faith tradition, etc. etc.

I'm with Ray, I did not like it either when non-Catholic's were encouraged to take Communion at SJA. That was one of the many bumps in the road that pushed me away from there.

That said, take heart, in the last several months I have personally met 3 now devout Catholics who told me that they too used to attend SJA but left. Keep testifying, it works!

I'm praying for the soul of your Grandmother.


Anonymous said...

I am a parishioner of St. Joan of Arc. And it makes me sad that you feel the need to rip down the movements of the Holy Sprirt--oh, forgive me if you think that you know more than the Holy Spirit! God is so vibrantly present at SJA--and the people there aren't afraid of that! Let me guess--this will never make your blog--afraid again! Marsha

Adoro said...


What makes me so sad is that everyone at SJA is so busy congratulating themselves that they can't be bothered to actually confer the faith to their children. You accuse me of what you yourself are doing. If you want to see the work of the Holy Spirit, I suggest you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read the early Church Fathers. I speak not for myself, but for the Church, and the Church speaks for Jesus Christ. My guess is that you do not understand this because you have never been taught.

Believe me when I tell you that many are keeping SJA in their daily prayers, for your parish is desperately in need of conversion. It is not the Holy Spirit running your parish, it is nothing more than PRIDE.

God bless you, Marsha. Please take some time to learn the Catholic faith and through this, you will come to know the Holy Spirit.