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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Archdiocesan Commission on Women

The Commission is seeking new membership to it's board. Oh, joy. Some readers may remember my discussion at length on the "Listening Sessions" which were done outside of Archbishop Flynn's approval. I will post a link to this further on.

Here is the Mission Statement of the Comission, which was instituted in a political move by Archbishop Roach; my guess is that he was tired of listening to the whining of misguided women and gave them a venue to whine to each other. This is the "Mission Statement" they posited on their web page:

The mission of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women is to empower, educate and support women to lives of service, spirituality and leadership to their families, parishes, communities and the poor of the world.

Seems pretty benign, doesn't it? I am amazed, though, as a Catholic organization, that while they mention the poor, they do not mention the slaughtered unborn. But I digress.

Now, if you want to know what they are REALLY about, check out the statement on the home page, but be sure to understand this within the context of their true agenda, revealed in the link provided on the main page of their latest "research" on women in the Archdiocese, marked "Listening Sessions" in blue.

The Commission on Women serves the Archbishop in an advisory role as we bring forth the voices of women who desire to serve the church with a greater use of their gifts and talents. The Commission is a unique organization within the Archdiocese that promotes women's voices in the life of the church and responds to women (and men) in crisis or alienating situations. There is no other agency that supports or communicates with the clientele of women that we reach. Very often, we are the only hope they have of remaining connected to the church. In an effort to further women's leadership roles, we research and study issues as they relate to women.

Note some of the wording in this statement: "alienating situations" "promotes women's voices in the life of the church", "remaining connected to the church". I find most of this ironic as they tend to create more alienating situations with their politics and "remaining connected" to the Church is not really what they are about on any level, from my observation.

( I do have to point one one issue in their mission statement: in this context, "church" should be capitalized as they are referring to the Church, not to a building. I doubt that this commission, as misguided as most of them happen to be, did not mean to imply that people are desperately clinging onto a brick building. I see this mistake all the time and it drives me crazy because those who are intelligent enough to write mission statements should really have a better understanding of word usage. )

Anyway, going back to the statement, pay special attention to the last line: "In an effort to further women's leadership roles, we research and study issues as they relate to women." Look around. Where are women NOT in leadership? Women have been messing up catechesis for years now. Um, I mean "leading" religious education from questionable platforms, that is. That's leadership, isn't it? Women are everywhere and without women, the Church would not exist. Some individual churches exist in spite of women, if you get my meaning. I'm still trying to fathom some of them. Everywhere I go, women are in charge of things. They hardly need a Commission to further this. But of course, their true idea of "leadership" is not as it appears.

I'm going to provide you an example of their "research" which was posted and summed up at the infamous St. Joan of Arc Parish in south Minneapolis. It might make you cry, whether in laughter or frustration is your option. Choose both. If you are a woman, you have that ability.

If you read this, you will see that they are painting a very misrepresentative portrait of the women of this archdiocese, most of whom think the above is completely foolish. It's left-wing craziness, and thanks to this Commission, it's front and center on a link on the archdiocesan webpage.

I'm offended by this. I'm offended that such garbage is being shown as an "accurate" portrayal of what Catholic women want. And because of this offense, I toyed with the idea of applying to the Commission so as to do some internal evangelization and hopefully leading people to what the Church REALLY teaches, and what women are REALLY about.

I'm not sure I'm the woman for that job, however. I did consider it, and sitting here on my desk is an application for the commission on women and/or committe membership.

I don't think they'd take me because I'd have to be honest in my responses. Here's some of the questions, for example:

How did you hear about the Commission on Women?

From a very unfortunate, nauseating article which trampled the true image of the Church and sought to push an agenda which is contrary to the image of the Blessed Mother which the faithful hold dear.

Do you have other community commitments? Are you a member of other organizations?

I'm a faithful member of the one, Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church, Pepertual Adoration, and the Frassati Society. (I think those "groups" might disqualify me).

What skills/talents/abilities/interests would you bring to this committee?

skills: I can string a few words together here and there to create complete sentences and I know when to capitalize "Church" versus "church".

talents: I can sing "Adoro Te Devote" in Latin, and I memorized the English translation of the first verse. And I can sing the entire "Agnus Dei" in Latin.

abilities: I am able to read and comprehend various theological documents, such as the Bible or Sacrosanctum Concilium, and identify whether I need to question someone in higher ecclesial authority before innovating my own personal interpretation and implementation.

interests: I have an interest in obedience to Church teaching and in educating others regarding actual teachings versus fictional accounts.

This is my favorite: Describe your vision of women's participation in the Church, and how your participation on this committee would further that vision.

I would like to end the reign of angst perpetuated upon the men and faithful women of this archdiocese by the existing Commission through permeating the left wing feminist ranks. I would like to encourage women of deep and true faith to particpate in the committees and commission. I believe I have the talent and knowledge base required to garner interst in such a task and personally know several women who have a militant spirit, also. Women are meant to emulate the Mother of God, and with more women standing on the Commission to lead with this great example, I believe we can encourage more vocations for both men AND women from this archdiocese! The harvest is bountiful, but the workers are few.

Please tell us what the Commission on Women Mission Statement meanst o you at this time. .

I believe it's a bunch of political double-speak which really has no meaning with regard to the current agenda of heterodoxy. That needs to change. And it's not pro-life enough. We need to call attention to the babies being murdered in our midst.

Can you agree to promote the work of the Commission on Women and the Archdiocese as stated in the Mission Statement and can you commit your time and energy to that work?

No. I am faithful to the Archbishop and I embrace this archdiocese, but the Mission statement is way to open and hokey within the atmospher within which it currently resides. Either it has to change or the Commission needs to understand what it means to be obedient to the Magesterium, and therefore to Christ.

What do you hope to accomplish as an appointed member of the Commission on Women.

Revolution! Insurrection! Faithfulness to the Lord against the evil agenda of popular culture and rabid faminism which now holds the archdiocese in a chokehold! I am woman! Hear me roar!

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

I'm not sure you want to go there. I'm a revert. Don't mess with me, and don't try to take down the faithful. We will convert you.

So! Do you think they'd let me in?

Any faithful women want to send their own version of this app in, and prove that the faithful outdo the "prophetic" of the Archdiocese?



Unknown said...

You'v got my vote, Adoro! [GR]

But I'd have to get a wig to cover my baldness so I could "pass."

I like to see that capital "C" in church, also.

Anonymous said...

Adoro: I think you should send in the app and see what happens. I'd be curious to hear their response (if they have one)


The Confessionator said...

I'd love to see the looks on their faces if they got my application and see that my goal is to "advance the mission of the patriarchy"

Cathy said...

You go girl!

desire to serve the church with a greater use of their gifts and talents.

Yeah, because serving the Church by giving birth to and raising the next generation
of faithful, orthodox priests and nuns is such a waste of time.

Adoro said...

I don't think I could handle working on that "Commission" with a bunch of supporters of the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet. (supporters of eco-spirituality which is all about New Age and not so much about Jesus).

While I'm a loud mouth here, I'm not sure I'd have much of a voice among that particular group, and I'd have to go along with these atrocious projects of theirs.

Of course, I could work to sidline them and throw in some real catechesis upon meeting people, but I'm not sure I could stomach all that. I'm a bit too high strung not to lose my temper when confronted by invincible ignorance in ridiculous places.