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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lenten Prayer and Fasting Requests

Lent is a time for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving - we are called to do all three, and can offer all together or each in part for particular intentions. Unfortunately although both of these requests were intended by the senders to be posted on Wednesday (yesterday) I was unable to do so - but it's NEVER too late to take up a rosary or penance and leap into battle!

 My friend, Andychrism, is calling for others to join her and her friend in fasting every Wednesday for Life. This is what she has to say:

My dear friend, Rozanne, will be praying and fasting every Wednesday in order to open the hearts of these mothers to the alternatives to abortion. I will be praying and fasting every Thursday to help heal the women who got on that bus because they felt they had no other choice.

Rozanne and I feel called to do this because we are Texans. Roe v. Wade was a Texas case. The first abortuary opened in Dallas. We Texans have a responsibility to this country for the wounds inflicted upon our sisters in the name of Choice. We are the state that has begun 40 Days for Life and we need to do even more. Will you join with two Texans in fasting and praying once a week for life? There are seven days in the week, pick any one.

Our fast is simple: bread and broth for the day with a big serving of compassionate prayer. If you can't fast from food, fast from something else. Help us spread the word. Join us. We can end the need for abortion facilities by providing more than one choice.

Go to her post and show her your solidarity and LOVE with these struggling mothers and their unborn children!

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On to Prayer:  I also received the following exhortation from John-Paul Deddens of Pray More Novenas this week: a novena for the Holy Father!

84,000 Novenas for the Pope's 84th Birthday!
Will you join me in giving the Pope a huge gift for his birthday? Pope Benedict XVI is celebrating his birthday on April 16th and I'm joining up with to get 84,000 people to pray a novena for the Pope's 84th birthday.

On April 8th, we will begin praying for nine days leading up to and ending on the Papa Benedict's birthday. The Pope prays for us everyday so it's time to return the gift to him on the anniversary of his birth.

84,000 Novenas is a lot! So, I'm going to need your help. I want everyone who reads this blog to do the following to help with this birthday gift!
+ Sign up here:
+ Join the facebook event and invite your friends here:
+ If you have a website, post about it there!
+ Email your friends and family and get them praying too!
I'm sure the Pope will love that we are all praying for him! Please help us reach our goal of 84,000 novenas for the Pope!
Remember to sign up to pray here:

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