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Thursday, March 31, 2011

ALMSGIVING! Mystic Monk Coffee!

You may have noticed that I added a Mystic Monk Coffee image to my sidebar.

If you click on the sidebar picture, you will be taken to their website where it will be your great [and decidedly non-penitential] pleasure to peruse their incredible selection of coffee - and purchase it. Your purchase assists these Carmelite Monks, for roasting coffee and selling it is their very livelihood. Even further, they are in the process of building a new Abbey all for the glory of God, to foster prayer to which they are called by God (involving praying for our souls!), and to encompass their growing number of Vocations. Praised be Jesus Christ!

Seriously, it is absolutely BRILLIANT to utilize this great gift of coffee from God to us, to evangelize the souls of coffee lovers everywhere and to cultivate more Vocations to religious life! [and coffee lover-ship}

Fr. Michael Mary recently informed me that they have added coffee subscriptions, for we willing addicts. (Although I do believe they also offer decaf options, for reasons I just don't understand) ;-), and you can go HERE to subscribe in order to have worry-free coffee coming to your house at the click of a mouse, every single month. Never run out of Mystic Monk Coffee again!

You know the old joke:

Two Novices both wanted a coffee while they prayed, so decided to ask their Superior for permission. The first asked, but was told no.

A little while later he spotted his friend sipping coffee and praying. "Why did the superior allow you to have coffee and not me?" he asked.

His friend replied, "Because you asked if you could drink coffee while you prayed, and I asked if I could pray while I drink coffee!"

So how 'bout it? Go get yourself some coffee prayed by Monks, and then you can pray while you drink coffee, too (AND, BONUS...YOU CAN DRINK COFFEE AND PRAY!)

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I DO receive kickbacks from your purchase, although I'd peddle this liquid gold for nothing because it's so good! The fact is, as my regular readers know, that my position at work does not go through the year, doesn't pay me enough but so far I have not found another job. I'm hoping a few purchases from my readers may benefit them with the gift of yumminess and me with the ability to pay this or that bill. MANY bloggers and websites are posting ads for Mystic Monk, so if you're in the market, the choice is yours who will benefit from your purchase - every click from a website will get the host a commission, no matter where you happen to be surfing. I am asking for your click to come from my site. And if you do...I thank you!  More do the Monks who have a LOT more to lose!

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