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Thursday, March 03, 2011

How Long, O Lord...

How long, O Lord? Wilt thou forget us for ever?
How long wilt thou hide thy grass and flowers from us?
How long must we bear the ice and snow,
and shiver down to the bone in frigid cold all the day?
How long shall winter be exalted over us?

Consider and answer us, O Lord, our God;
lighten our skies lest we sleep the sleep of hypothermia
lest the winter say; "I have prevailed over global warming."
lest the snows rejoice because we are buried beneath.

~ Psalm 13

Yesterday while sliding on ice while walking my dog, shivering in the negative temperatures, I heard the song of a spring bird. Crazy, stupid, lying bird. No visible presence, just the lie of that song, trying to lull me into believing winter will end. At the same time I heard the call of the late winter birds, calling back and forth, probably laughing as I trundled along in hopes of remaining upright.

Don't listen to the birds; they lie.

This long winter has no intention of ending any time soon.

The groundhog lied, too.

Stupid, lying, groundhog.


Father Ryan Erlenbush said...

-- lest the winter say; "I have prevailed over global warming." --

this really made me laugh! :)

I'm stuck in snow too! :(

Adoro said...

Reginaldus ~ Don't know about you, but up here in MN we're really tired of slogging through all this "global warming"! We managed to miss the clipper today but next comes another big storm.

Obviously we have really offended God. Must be why we're reading Job in the LOH...

Harbor Star said...

I think having this sort of "extended winter" ought to remind us why we love being in MN! Next time your outside just know that the angle of the sun brings more warmth on your face and the daylight length is ever expanding.

Snow Day!

Adoro said...


No snow days!

Not that adults get snow days anyway...