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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why I Write

In every century, there have been people who write. We are compelled. We can't exist without writing. And now in the age of technology, we have blogging, an entirely new verb. And noun. Depending on how the root term "blog" is used.

In any case, as I've been reading St. Augustine for class, I came across a gem that perfectly offers my mission statement. I may add it to my sidebar.

"To whom do I tell these things? Not to you, my God, but before you I tell them to my own kind, to mankind, or to whatever small part of it may come upon these books of mine. Why do I tell these things? It is that I myself and whoever else reads them may realize from what great depths we must cry unto you. What is closer to your ears than a contrite heart and a life of faith?"

~ St. Augustine



Melody K said...

I love that quote, had never run across it before! I am going to copy it; we have a few writers in the family, and it just seems to fit.

MJ said...

Love the new sidebar addition!!!

Terry Nelson said...

This post inspired my own, about pushing buttons. Bad Terry! Bad!

Unknown said...

Amen, I write so that if my words can inspire any of the three loyal readers I get to my blog then I am doing God's will.

And besides a blog is much cheaper than therapy.