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Friday, August 15, 2008

Can't You See the Blood Dripping from the Flag of China?

I wasn't going to post this, and maybe it's a post that will be taken down. In all likelihood, if my URL is not yet banned in China, it will be after tonight.

It's completely INSANE that China was allowed to host the Olympics. Given the well-known human-rights violations in SO many areas, given the well-known oppression of their people...HOW, in good conscience, can the OIC POSSIBLY have awarded this honor to one of the WORST and most immoral countries on the planet?

In 1982, one of my cousins was bound for the Olympics, and as I understand it, her name was a big one; EVERYONE knew she'd be going. She was a diver, and the day before Trials, she suffered an unfortunate landing in training, and the resulting broken bone broke her chance for the Gold...and her heart. She couldn't face four more years of the same regimen of training only to come so close and meet the same disappointment. She chose to move on with her life.

I remember clearly watching the 1982 Summer Olympics, watching my cousin's sport, completely awed by the athletes, and I announced that day to my parents that one day, I'd be an Olympian, too. Because SOMEONE had to be. Why not me?

Well, I have resigned myself to the fact that this will never happen, yet in my years of adulthood I DID achieve a certain elite training and have come, through that, to appreciate the amazing sacrifices and dedication of Olympians. I've also become a person of faith, which affects me not only spiritually, but socially as I cannot look at the world we live in and remain aloof.

Let's just cut to the chase:

When I see the Chinese flag, I see the blood of the Chinese People.

The flag that welcomes the athletes, the dignitaries, and the visitors is red for a reason, and EVERY time each of us looks at it, we must remember the people of China in their subjugation to the oppressive and deranged communist leaders who deny not only their dignity, but their very basic human rights...even their lives.

A long time ago, an important leadership concept came to my attention; never ask anyone to do what you would refuse to do or could not do. To do so is hypocrasy. But the idea goes beyond leadership and into everyday life and colors our decisions and opinions.

Taking into consideration my cousin's great disappointment and my own forays into serious athletic training in the past (not Olympic-bound - not the same goal), I took an objective look at the Olympics in China. Sure, I could look at it ideologically, even positively. But in the end, I've had to concede that this event does more for the current Chinese Regime than it does for the beautiful Chinese people.

There's a lot of ideology out there; you have a lot of people, even good Catholic authors using the tired argument that "the Olympics doesn't HAVE to be political...."

Well, right. I agree. It doesn't HAVE to be...but the fact that politicization isn't required doesn't change the reality that it IS and REMAINS a political event.
We cannot use the idea that "The Olympics don't have to be political." It's a strawman argument and it can go up in the same flames a match applied to a scarecrow would generate. We live in the real world and we have to see it as such, not as the fantasy world of "what we'd prefer it to be." We can't react to fantasy; we can ONLY deal with what's happening before our very eyes, and if we don't accept it, we can't encourage change.

China isn't doing this for the goodness of her people. China isn't hosting the Olympics for a financial boom. They aren't doing it out of "goodwill", for the latter has to arise out of a true desire to do good...and the objective documentation on human rights failings on the part of China leaves "goodwill" out of the equation.

The people of China deserve something why are they suffering in the shadows of the Olympic stadiums?

Because the Olympics aren't about them. They are about China's use of what Nazi Germany used when they hosted the Olympics, while, in the meantime, they slaughtered thousands of people in death camps.

Yet, their hosting of the Olympics gave them a positive spin in the world, and people were willing to overlook what was REALLY happening because, well, Hitler had such a pretty face when his country hosted the Olympics...he couldn't be THAT bad, could he?

I can think of thousands upon thousands of souls, some still living, who would disagree.

The Nazi Olympics are happening again, folks. And sure, the Chinese government, just like Nazi Germany, is putting on a pretty face. Just recently a man from Minnesota, a prominent and beloved local businessman, was murdered in China by a random deranged killer. And the Chinese government, reportedly, has been just wonderful to his wife who was also severely injured. The government has been incredibly helpful to the family and is providing the best medical treatment available. And that's good..that's exactly what they SHOULD do.

But they won't do this for their own people. And I doubt, if they were there as tourists and not for the Olympics, that we'd be seeing this face of the government; they likely wouldn't take personal interest at all, and we wouldn't expect them to do so. Things happen to people who visit America, and our government doesn't "adopt" them and issue press releases, do they? It would be a full-time job and a news channel would have to be dedicated to all the events.

So, this event alone seems to point to the fact that the Chinese government is over-extending itself in an attempt to "prove" how good and benevolent it is.


I don't fault the athletes for competing or for being there. They worked hard to be there, and this is a dream of a lifetime. Congratulations to all, and God bless them. They are living history and will forever look back on these events, but I fear that what China is and will become after this event will also forever taint their memories when they come to realize what was happening in the country that hosted them.

Much like being hosted by a mass murderer and being sent away unscathed. Survivor's guilt.

In musing about this, I tried to, using my experience and knowledge gained from memories of my cousin, place myself in the shoes of an olympic athlete. I've written fiction about being in that very place, but now I change the idea; what if the event was...China?

Knowing what I know, knowing about the underground Catholic Church, knowing that women are forced to have abortions due to the one-child limit legislated by the Chinese government, knowing that they recently killed a Bishop...I'd have to weigh it. Getting to the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime event that happens only to the fewest, and the best of the fewest.

To be counted in that Humbling. Amazing. Not something to discount. You can ONLY get there by putting your heart and soul into it.

But knowing all that I know...I honestly believe I would turn it down. I would walk away and ask other athletes to do the same. Not without tears, not without a struggle for I would know what I was giving up. But I would also realize that if I competed, I'd be competing upon soil bloodied by my own Christian brothers and sisters, and through my willingness to participate, I'd be legitimizing the government's actions against them.

Thus, my actions would be a betrayal against my own people. And I, as a Catholic, claim the Chinese as my brothers and sisters in Christ.

If they are being slaughtered, I have no business being friendly with their murderers. The ONLY thing to do is to walk away and use my position as an athlete to make a very public stand and declare a very public condmenation against the Chinese government.


I have not watched the Olympics. A couple times I have briefly had the channel on, although the event wasn't one I care about, yet I still feel guilty even for that. I have watched the medal count, and I'm glad when America does well. And it is KILLING me to realize I won't be able to watch the equestrienne or swimming or gymnastics or track competetions. Because, if I say I wouldn't be willing to compete...then I can at least make the sacrifice of not watching those who do. Even though it has no financial impact upon anyone.

I can't watch the Olympics this year. At all. Because, through this post especially, I am saying that the venue is immoral, thus, so is our participation.
Watching is participation.

I wish the athletes of all nations well, and I pray good comes out of this event. But I can't give acquiescence to it because the host is the next thing to Satan Incarnate, and I certainly don't think that the Olympics should be held in Hell next time around.

Speak to Chinese Catholics and other Chinese Christians...they'll tell you that this year, the Olympics ARE being held in Hell.

And every time you look at the Chinese flag, take a really good look...because, if you were born under it, it could be your blood dripping upon the athletes that now tread on your grave or the graves of your unborn.


Hidden One said...

Leave it up or take it down - but if you take it down, please wait until I'm done nodding before you do so.

Unknown said...

Great post, Adoro.

I haven't watched any either, except for Tuesday at my brother's where I got to watch the 12 year old Chinese children compete in gymnastics. Speaking of cheating.

Unfortunately, there is so much drooling in the West over the size of the Chinese market and the cheapness of their products, that the Olympics, at their (and television's) expense, is the West's peace offering.

And, you're not too old to be an equestrienne!

MJ said...

Great post! I think you should leave it up. You made me aware of some things that I had not thought about.

Melody K said...

Their brutal population control policies alone are enough to earn shunning by decent societies (but there is so much more cruelty that goes on that we don't even think about). What must it be like to be a woman there? After you have one child (and it better be a boy) any further fertility is a crime. Your most private bodily cycles are the business of family planning bureaucrats. Many girl babies end up abandoned or taken to orphanages where they receive minimal care. One of my coworker's son and daughter in law recently adopted a baby girl from China. She's a year old, weighed 13 lbs., and was significantly behind on a developmental scale. Happily she is already making good progress with the attention she is now getting. It cost about $20,000 for the adoption to take place. Adoption by foreign couples is big business over there.

Lillian Marie said...

Although you make a very good argument... I pray that some good will also come out of the Olympics being held there. It just takes one person to show a sign of faith, humility, charity, and God's wisdom to show others that God will overcome.

For instance, I saw a swimmer bless himself before the event... on National TV, no less! And I pray it was televised live in China.

The humility of the NBA players, especially Kobe Bryant. I have to admit, he was not one of my favorite NBA players, however, he accepted interviews with Italian and Spanish-speaking TV stations... AND spoke their languages, fluently! When he was interviewed about this, he was very gave me hope.

Granted, I've also heard the horror stories about olympians and visitors being asked to LEAVE China because of things they said/did. And yes, I am appalled by the subtle ways China tried to mask the problems (including only showing the 'good cop' routine during interrogations!).

But I pray that God weaves His way into it's people and leaves a ray of hope for others. Maybe, just maybe, one person will be saved and help others to true freedom.

Adoro said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

LM ~ God can always bring good out of evil, and the athletes..well, they're not evil and I don't mean to imply in any way that they are because they've chosen to participate. My comments about participation can apply ONLY to me, and what I would choose to do in that situation, but it's not a judgment upon the good people who are doing their best over there.

And I have to say...just because God can bring good out of evil doesn't mean we should give our support to the evil. But it is what it is, and so my "Olympics-fast" continues.

Lillian Marie said...

Absolutely! I applaud you for taking a stand! I agree, the olympians nor most of the Chinese population are the ones that are immoral. Like you stated it's the government and the political arena. If I implied incorrectly in my previous post - I am sorry.

But maybe, just maybe, one person will see the error of his ways during this time that the Olympics is there. How Heaven will rejoice if just one soul was saved!

And yes, I am the perverbial optimist, although rose colored glasses don't look good on me. *grin*

Adoro said...

I'm a cynical optimist...I see things as they are although I also have hope that those things will change.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

....turns off olympics...nodds in complete agreement!

Adoro said...

Ray ~ Sorry, meant to comment earlier; I can't be an equestrienne. I'm lacking the other half of my team...and the proper knowledge..the money to get there...the proper breeding... (mine, I mean...only rich people get into THAT sport. It's the only thing that taints it.)

Hidden One said...

On the off chance that it might edify someone:

From the 1937 encyclical 'Mit Brennender Sorge', from the protion addressed to the youth of Germany:

"You are told about sports. Indulged in with moderation and within limits, physical education is a boon for youth. But so much time is now devoted to sporting activities, that the harmonious development of body and mind is disregarded, that duties to one's family, and the observation of the Lord's Day are neglected. With an indifference bordering on contempt the day of the Lord is divested of its sacred character, against the best of German traditions. But We expect the Catholic youth, in the more favorable organizations of the State, to uphold its right to a Christian sanctification of the Sunday, not to exercise the body at the expense of the immortal soul, not to be overcome by evil, but to aim at the triumph of good over evil (Rom. xii. 21) as its highest achievement will be the gaining of the crown in the stadium of eternal life (1 Cor. ix. 24)."

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I totally agree with every thing you've said here.

Also, if I see one more morning show girl squealing over scorpions on a stick I think I'm going to puke. I guess they can't talk about any other aspects of Chinese life without offending any part of the government or the wonderfully robotronic, zombified masses so they opt to talk about the strange (to us, I guess) and exotic snack choices.

Unknown said...

It won't be lost on the world that the greatest athlete to come from this olympics will be an American swimmer Michael Phelps, who is humble, and credits his monumental feet to his family, his teammates and his country!!!!!