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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Small update on Grad School

First of all, thank you, all for your prayers and your support!

This is not over, nor have I made any decisions. This is only a minor setback and I can already see God's hand. That said...I still have no idea what God wants, just that He's there and he's paying attention.

I have not been able to reach anyone at UST. I left a message on Monday morning for the program director and have not heard back. The person who processes everything is out until next week. So my guess is that they have fled the coop for the week, leaving me unable to make a direct decision.

Which is OK. I learned something important yesterday, and if it turns out to be true, I actually would not have applied to UST. Yup, you heard me right. There's something BETTER coming.

Yesterday I ran into an acquaintance, an MA student in the Catholic Studies program I applied to. He learned of my being "turned down" and accepted as a non-degree-seeking student, and empathized...then revealed they'd done the same thing to him and to everyone who applies for the first time. Immediately I felt percieved failings aren't necessarily failings! However, had I known that I would not have asked people to write letters or do any work on my behalf, so I kind of feel like I wasted their time. My references have been supportive, however, so they don't seem to be too offended, thank God.

Actually, one of my references was my Manager, and he's happy to know that while he's losing a bunch of other people on our team, I'll still be there. *sigh*. I'm glad HE'S happy....

But I digress.

The acquaintance told me that he's leaving the CS program, anyway, for another. Apparently Ave Maria University (of Naples, FL) is going to be offering a satellite grad program RIGHT HERE in the TWIN CITIES METRO AREA! Apparently there is not yet a spring semester set up but they are gearing up for one, thus perhaps, if they do offer it I can still apply!

A priest at my parish had gone to a talk on this and had brochures, told me that he'd give me one, and tonight I stopped by the parish office to pick one up. In reading through it, it seems to refer only to the Naples campus, however there was an e-mail address and I sent a note to make some inquiries.

This degree is for an M.A. in Pastoral Theology, calls upon the liberal arts background (which I have) and is basically for students...just like me! It is also more theologically focused than the Catholic Studies program, and not so hard core as the Theology program.

I will then wait to hear back on this program and see if the rumor is indeed true. As I understand it, they are going to use a local parish school for the satellite program, which runs once per month Friday night through Sunday afternoon. If full time, that is. I have to assume there is a part-time option.

So now I will sit and wait...and perhaps I will withdraw my app to UST in favor of a more orthodox and faithful program. Or perhaps I will learn that now is not the time and God has a different plan. In any case, I am happy AMU is coming to my city!

Anyone interested in this program can find it at Ave Maria's website for the Institute for Pastoral Theology.


Anonymous said...

One door sort of closed.... and a better one might just be opening..... All the best. I am sure it will all work out in the end.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Praised Be Jesus Christ! This is fantastic news. I knew He had a plan for you that would be revealed eventually.

I don't feel like you "wasted" my time. I'm happy to help. I will help again with the Naples program if you need me.

Anonymous said...

Please make sure they are ACCREDITED. My daughter was given an 8000 dollar scholarship to attend Ave Maria in Yipsilanti, Michigan, started by the same people who are now establisihing themeselves in Naples. When the town would not allow them to purchase land next to their law school, a 4 year long battle with the town ensued. Ave lost but instead of being happy with the lovely little college that they had build in Yipsilanti they shut their doors and moved to Naples, leaving alot of students in the lurch not to mention many professors and I do not believe they ever became accredited. My daughter's credits from that school are useless. They are not be accepted at any of the other schools she has been applying to. There was a lawsuit invloving the professors and the school left behind in Ave against the founder. Sadly they lost and many good professors and students who had with good faith entered into legal contracts with this school were cheated big time.

So please tread carefully before you plunk any cold hard cash down for this school. I believe in supporting Catholic schools and Catholic endeavors BUT I am not convinced that Ave's second attempt deserves our loyalty.

ASK for PROOF of their acreditation, my daughter with other students thought they were only steps away from being accredited.... sadly they have learned the hard way - they were not. And years of study wasted, not to mention student loans etc.