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Monday, November 27, 2006

Inspiring Find

Tonight I pulled out my Advent Candles that I plan to bring ot RCIA on Wednesday in order to help explain some of our Advent traditions and observations.

When I pulled it out, my "baby book" came with it, and out of curiosity, I pulled it out. My Mom had stuffed all sorts of odds and ends into this book, and even wrote a few things in it during my high school and college years.

But one thing just sort of fell into my lap. It was a holy card wiht scalloped edges. The back is in my mother's script:

To Julie, March 14, 1982, on the day of your 1st Confession. Remember you will be talking to Jesus as well as to Father W. Next week you will recieve Jesus. Love, Mommy

The front of the card depicts a little girl in her communion dress and veil, approaching a type of arched altar, flowers on either side. One lit candle is apparent and given the symmetry of the picture, a second lit candle is suggested but perhaps only hidden from view. Jesus stands in an elevated position upon that arched altar, his head inclined slightly towards the little girl, the most tender expression upon his Most Holy visage. In his right hand he holds the Eucharist, in the left, the chalice containing his Precious Blood. The little girl stands facing Jesus, her hands folded, eyes upward towards her Savior, ready to recieve Him.

It is a picture of such divine purity and theological truth; it just makes my heart ache!

I wish I had a scanner so I could share this with you all!


Beth Lemer said...

maybe you can find something LIKE it on the net! We'd love to see it!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: What a beautiful gift to find. I just bet you were teary- eyed. I would have been.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful keepsake! They have frames now where you could frame that so both the back and the front would be visible.

I used to get irritated by crying children at Mass. Now I see and hear little saints.

Anonymous said...

What a treasure from a beautiful mother. A week before First Communion, most mothers are concerned about the veil and the shoes.
A beautiful, beautiful treasure.

Russ Rentler, M.D. said...

That story was so sweet!!
Imagine having a Mom so devout!
God bless her.
I teared up a bit reading it.