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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dude! I'm gettin' a DELL!

As you know, I am preparing to go to Grad school starting in January. No, I haven't recieved my acceptance yet, but it should be forthcomimg. And in any case, in the event that they rejected me, I'd still have to get a new computer.

I am currently operating off of a rebuilt Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop. A year ago it fried and my brother took it, wiped out the hard drive and reinstalled it for me, also reconfigured all my firewalls and security systems.

You see, my brother is like a corporate "Geek Squad"--he gets paid do do these things, and his company bills the customers around $150 an hour for his time. So over the last week or so, he's been configuring a new system for me, to include a printer and even a desk.

We just exchanged a few phone calls, e-mails and the like, and not only am I not buying the most high-end system, nor the bargain basement, but I'm getting a good system, including a printer, for less than $1000, with many options to upgrade later. This should be good, he thinks, for many years. And the good Lord knows that it's better to buy a computer when one is working full time as opposed to waiting until I am a starving student. I should be able to pay it off before I start school at the end of January.

Dude, I'm gettin a DELL!

So even if this grad school thing doesn't pan out, at least I can still be a writer, and boy howdy, I need a good computer/printer/workspace for that endeavor, because I intended it to be my life's work.

Or would you all suggest that I not quit my day job?

In any case, I never thought I would say this, but thank God for geeky brothers! I always knew he was a geek, but I never realized, growing up, that this quality would be so useful.

My brother is going to get a really nice bottle of wine out of this, and likely a nice dinner because he's going to come over and set it up for me, too.


Anonymous said...

My son is geek too! It was a good investment to send him to school so he could get paid to be a geek (and fix my computer too!)

Keep writing Adoro!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiwi Nomad said...

I have a geek friend who helps me when my computer stumps me too. I feel a bit guilty as I know he spends all his paid working life on the same kind of stuff. But hey, it's good to see him!

Unknown said...


My life is not at all organized; but I always have opinions.

If I were you, I wouldn't quite your full time job immediately. See how it goes for a while.

And consider the possibility of hiring someone to do cleaning and dog and house maintenance for you on Saturdays when you would be around.

You may find that it is possible.

UST's night school in downtown Mpls is loaded with people who are working full time at major companies while pursuing MBA's at their extremely good and demanding Business and Law Schools.

Unknown said...

Grocery Shopping too, with that Simon Delivers!

Anonymous said...


Um...getting housework done really isn't the problem, and I'm definitely not going to PAY anyone to do it! Remember...I'm about to be a grad is not going to be a commodity that I'll have to throw around. I don't even now.

I think you might have missed the point on the day job thing...not referring to grad school, but becoming a WRITER. :-) Whether I go to school or not, I intend to be a writer. Period. Whether that's what God has in mind, well, that's still to be determined.

I will only quit my job if I can get hte financial aid, get a roommate, and another part time job that will cover what's needed. Otherwise, I will likely only take 1 course to start and then see what pans out to either go full time in the summer or next fall. I do not want to be on the 5 year MA plan. I need to get out of my current job asap!

~ Adoro