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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The University of Minnesota Refuses to Pull the Plug on "Pope"

I encourage everyone to read the Pioneer Press article in full.

The University's response is completely unacceptable and the weak explanations provided for allowing this attack upon our faith--completely illogical.

The U's theater department will stage "The Pope and the Witch" in early March. A national Catholic group this week began urging Minnesota Catholics to "rebel" against performing it at the state's flagship campus. Internet bloggers questioned whether the university would produce a play like "Pope" that lampooned Islam or Judaism.

U leaders say the play will go on and that the university must be a place for even unpopular views. As for religious controversy, a spokesman noted that the U this month will play host to a gay Muslim activist speaking on "the lives of queer Muslims."

Note: the U leaders are comparing this play, perpetuated by an anti-Catholic author, to a gay Muslim activist speaking on behalf of himself. Where, exactly, is the comparison? There is none whatsoever.

Asked if the U would produce a play that satirizes Islam, Wolter said the university has a long history of wide-ranging debate.

That was complete avoidance of the question. He did not answer the question at all, but changed the subject to "long history of wide-ranging debate". In other words, no, they would NOT produce a play that satirizes Islam, and having a gay Muslim speaker on campus is not is a discussion of that person's views. Not the same thing. Also, not a debate.

The spokesperson goes on with his non-logical "defense":

"Later this month, we're hosting a gay Muslim activist to discuss his faith-based human rights activism within Islam," he said. "In March, the (U's) Humphrey Institute presented a new play called 'The Trial of Osama bin Laden' that explores and imagines terrorists on trial in New York City.

Osama bin Ladin is not a typical Muslim. I have known and have worked with Muslims, and they have no claim upon the terrorist leader. They would not care about the idea of exploring what would happen if terrorists were on trial. Exploring this very real possibility is NOT the same thing as attacking the Catholic faith.

The response by the University of Minnesota is completely unacceptable and displays not only their double-standard in bold letters, but sadly, indicates that apparently those who are supposed to be educated have no grasp on logic itself and fall back only on fallacies in response to a direct challenge, even from an impartial reporter.

Catholics, keep up the protest...this show must NOT go on!

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Tim said...

"I didn't comment before but I just want you to know you've been in my prayers. I hope all is well--and I pray this was really a blessing in disguise for you!"

Thanks for that, Ms Adore (I really think it unfair that I don't know your first name, O mysterious one), I really appreciate your support. And, yes, a blessing in disguise- I like that a lot!