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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Prayer Request esp. for pet lovers

I would like to humbly request your prayers for my friend and co-worker...he's in for a couple very tough nights and for some very real grief.

Tomorrow he is going to put his dog down.

He had his dog before he got married and was concerned when their little boy was born. Their dog was a little nippy, but thankfully, didn't take much notice of the baby. He had mentally prepared to give up the little ball of fur should there be a problem and was, of course, torn up about that. But clearly, he knows who takes precedence in his home.

This weekend, though, was a problem. The dog tore his dew claw and it was hanging just by a thread. They called the emergency vet, who gave them a choice; bring the dog in, $100 just to walk through the door, or follow their first aid instructions to contain the damage until they could get their pet to their family vet.

They went to the pet store, picked up a muzzle and the appropriate supplies, and went home to try to assist their pet...the poor little guy was in complete misery, can't move without yelping, but let them approach.

Well, those of you with small dogs are already aware..they are feisty little things! They got the muzzle on, the wrap-around kind with just the very tip sticking out. But once they tried to bandage that wound, the little dog fought with all his muster and succeeded in biting my friend's wife...and drew blood.

They haven't been able to approach him since. He's nervous, snarling, and in pain.

They discussed it with their vet, and taking all things into consideration...their infant son, the dog's already bad nippiness combined with a real bite now...their fear of him going into a home and harming someone else...they are choosing to put him down.

I could see the tears swimming behind my friend's eyes today as he told me. Tonight is his last night with his pet, only 3 1/2 years old. He's going to do his best to let the dog's last hours be "quality time" for them and tomorrow he will be leaving work early to go to the vet's office.

Please keep him and his little family in your prayers, whether you are dog lovers or not. This is the hardest decision he's ever had to make and frankly, it's a responsible one. My heart really goes out to him and right now, I'm crying for the loss he's anticipating as I have two dogs of my own and so I can understand how he must feel.

St. Francis, pray for us, and especially for my friend in his time of loss.


Anonymous said...

Prayers going up from a fellow pet lover. They are doing the right thing but is there no chance someone without kids might want the dog?

Anonymous said...

They are afraid also of the little guy being abused. He's apparently always had a nipping problem, and now that he's official bitten someone, he really is a danger. Sad to say, most people out there are not equipped or responsible enough to handle such a dog, which makes him a liability. My friend didn't tell us everything, I'm sure, but then again, I think he was ready to cry as it was. Poor guy!

~ Adoro