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Friday, September 29, 2006

Grad School Update

I called UST today to make sure they have everything they need...transcript, references, etc. One of my references hasn't gotten his letter in but I confirmed it was sent earlier this week, so the person I spoke with at UST told me she'll call me by the middle of next week if it doesn't arrive.

I also learned that I will not recieve formal acceptance until MID-NOVEMBER!

The good news is, though, that there should not be a problem with my acceptance...I was able to provide everything they asked for with the exeption of a professor's reference, and I think the two priests and my manager trumped the need for one, so I'm good to go.

It's still hard, though, not knowing for certain.

At this point I think I'll be starting only with one roomates on the horizon, part time jobs with benefits (especially well-paying part time jobs) are hard to come by and my company may not have anything available.

This is DEFINITELY a job for God! And if He really wants me to do this, I know that He will provide, but just the same, I can't apply for more than one class unless the other things fall into place, and even with one class I'd prefer to work only part time because my current job has lots of stress, long hours, and quite honestly, they overwork us. Many employees are grumbling and going elsewhere...different companies, same job, better pay, better work load.

But I'm on vacation through the next week and I don't want to think about anything other than relaxation, getting things done, taking the dogs for walks through the autumn landscapes, and sipping white wine while I get my hair highlighted on Monday.

THAT'S a vacation.

And I'm going to read my high-school level Didache Series textbooks on Church History and Scripture. This week the Faith Formation director didn't seem too happy that I had the books. "Those are High School level you know", she frowned condescendingly.

I should have asked her then if she thought the average Catholic could answer even half the questions in the book? Not likely. I can't...and I'm going into a MA program, so I should at least have a "high school" level of understanding, should I not?

The fact that myself and others don't possess the knowledge in these books really is a sad commentary on the state of affairs in our faith, in our education as a cultural whole...and if in teaching RCIA I find a need for these "high school level" books, I guarantee that the knowledge contained within is useful.

One of these days I will blog about some of the questions in this book, just to see if anyone can answer them. For now, I think I'll study and obtain a little knowledge about a great big faith...and wait to be accepted into Catholic Studies program.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Good idea. You should post some of those book questions.

Be good to yourself next week. You "sound" stressed-no wonder.

I'm still praying for you.


Adoro said...

Wow..did that come through? Yeah, I'm stressed. But I went to Confession today and I spent time in Adoration last night and today...and I feel a lot better. I have a lot of things I want to do this week, but the cool thing is that if they don't get done it's not a huge deal.

Thanks for your prayers...they are much appreciated!

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog, and enjoy it. Good stuff. :-)

I have the Scripture Didache Book, and absolutely love it. Haven't tackled the entire thing, but I hope to sit down and read it soon. You hit the nail on the head, too. This is 'only' supposed to be High School level, and yet it's more than most adult Catholics know about Scripture.

Keep up the great work. I'll say a prayer for you in regards to your school situation.

RobKPhD said...

All will be well. It must be exciting and scary. Let go, all will be as it should. Have a good break.