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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Geography Meme

The Recovering Dissident Catholic tagged me for this meme:

1. A Place You've Visited and Your Favorite Thing there.

Mexico--I lived there for a semester while in college, and fell in love with the Pacific Ocean on our 5 day vacation in Puerto Escondido. But in reality, my favorite "thing" in Mexico was really the people...they are golden.

2. A Country You'd Like to Visit and Why Isreal- the Holy Land. Who DOESN'T want to follow the footsteps of Jesus? (ACLU, you are excluded from answering this question)

3. A Place From History You'd Like to Visit and Why

The Inquisition...I want to see what REALLY happened because the history books are biased so I'd like to get a first-hand account.

4. A Place You Know a Lot About Puebla, Mexico

5. A Place You'd Like to Learn More About Ancient Italy

6. A Fictional Place You'd Like to Visit

NARNIA! When I first read the books, I begged God every day that I would find this mystical land when I opened my closet door, by my disappointed fingers only met with soft yellow drywall. As an adult, I re-read the books and I have a WALK-IN closet now...and I had to stop myself from going into the closet, reaching through the coats in back...just in case. This place has ALWAYS gripped my imagination and if Heaven is as described by C.S. Lewis, maybe someday I'll find "Narnia".


Anonymous said...

Adoro - I always used to reach for the back of the closet, wishing and hoping. Now I have a niece named Lucy and she loves Narnia too - when I was in England we toured some old castles and every wardrobe we saw we would look at each other, our eyes would widen and we'd have these foolish grins on our faces as we were thinking the same thing!

CS Lewis - what a treasure.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

#2: "We want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus to remove any Christian references because someone may be offended"

Sign: The ACLU

Ok, it was lame. You know it's me. Good list!