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Sunday, July 23, 2006

If These People only Understood....They Would Come HOME

I read this article in the local Strib today, and it made my heart ache for those who truely don't understand. They are seeking healing, and perhaps they are recieving it, for the Lord is merciful and our seperated bretheren also share in salvation, as members of the Church.

But if they only realized they could reach Jesus himself...they could literally kneel or lie prostate at his actual feet...if they could recieve his physical presence, every day if they wanted, and even more than once!

Here is the link to the full article, but I am going to pull out only a few highlights for your consideration.

Adolphus, who grew up Catholic in Long Island, N.Y., recently joined Cedar Valley, a 2,000-member Assemblies of God church.

"I'd always been a Christian, but more and more I felt drawn to Jesus himself," she said, and to Pentecostal worship.

She says she grew up Catholic and is drawn to Jesus himself...apparently she was not taught that Jesus is fully present in the Eucharist, body, blood, soul, and divinity. He is not present, physically, in the Pentecostal church, where she is seeking emotional response. Jesus is NOT about emotion...he is reality, he is true, and he is PRESENT in EVERY tabernacle in EVERY Catholic Church.

As far as Pentecostal worship...she can find what she is describing in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and learn that the Lord does not need our emotions in order to heal our souls, although He welcomes our emotions as gifts in worship to Himself.

I'm first to admit I'm an emotional person...I'm a complete crybaby. Sometimes, when the Blessed Sacrament is brought out, I recognize Jesus deep within my soul, and I can do nothing by cry. I can't stop the tears and words defy me. Jesus doesn't need my words for he already knows my wounds.

And so I say to people such as Ms. Adolphus, COME HOME! If you are looking for Jesus, and you seek his presence, COME HOME, He is WAITING FOR YOU WITH OPEN ARMS!

The Rev. Bob Battle, who leads 200 Pentecostal believers at St. Paul's Berean Church, part of the Church of God in Christ denomination, said credit for Pentecostalism's growth should go to the Holy Spirit.

"Jesus lived in a particular place and time, but the Holy Ghost is everywhere, all the time," he said. "He dwells within us and does things that marvel man."

I think that it just proves that the Holy Spirit can still work through those who have historically rejected the Church, and proves that the Lord does not will anyone into Hell...He reaches out to people where they are, and if they are paying attention, and truly seeking, they will find their way to Rome. But they must be called Home...only God knows how this works. The rest of us can only pray.

I do have to call attention to this: yes, Jesus lived in a particular place and time, and He sent his Advocate, the third person of the Trininty, to dwell within us...but He is still present with us, physically. He is in the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament and remains with us. Remember the apostles recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, as do we. He is there, He is present, even today. Jesus himself has never left us, and we only understand this THROUGH the Advocate.

There is no doubt that these are our brothers and sisters...and as Catholics, we have to understand how we can help bring them home. They are sincere in their beliefs, and sincere in their worship, and God honors sincerity. He does not hold them responsible for what they have not been taught.

It is our place as Catholics to live as an example, and love people into the Church; to help them understand that Jesus is here, He is fully present, and that no matter what they worship style or favorite spirituality, they have a home in the Church.

Let us pray these people home, my friends...they are our relatives and the Lord is holding a special place for them at the feast we all celebrate...every day.

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