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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Called to Lead Conference

I just need to say that I'm extremely disappointed in the conference in only one regard...not enough local Catholics attended. Most of the people I met were from OTHER STATES!

This is completely unacceptable, and I am now demanding that all you locals put this conference on your calender for next July. Believe you me, this is a conference well worth attending and I told the pastor at my parish that he needs to send people next year. Then I gave him one of the CD's made from a talk given by Mother Assumpta on the Virtues of a Parish leader as a fine example of what to expect at this conference.

There are three different "tracks", or categories that the various talks fall into; Leadership, Scripture, or Evangelization. I attended talks in all three categories and honestly, I'm still trying to intellectually digest what I have learned, and whenever I think about it, I am set on fire. I can't wait to share this knowledge, but I want to do it in a way that will make sense.

This conference is all about sending us out to carry out the Word to others in whatever capacity we may need to fulfill. It is designed to assist our own mental and spiritual health if we work in parish ministry, or to bolster our knowledge of scripture whether personally or in the context of formal Bible Study leadership. We are all called to be evangelists, and thus all categories actually fall under this heading. Truth be told, they are all one and the same...we cannot preach the Gospel to others without being an evangelist. We are all leaders in some way, even if only in the home for our children, or at work, in speaking to an individual. We are called to lead others to Jesus Christ, and boy howdy, I am ready to GO! :-)

My plan at this point is to highlight some of the talks I attended in order to pass on some of this invaluable information. I am purchasing some of the CD's because the knowledge contained within is well worth hearing again..and again...and again.

Those of you who know me can expect to be able to borrow some of these CD's...and once you do, realize that you will WANT to come to this conference next year. It's not possible to know enough about our faith...we need to be constantly learning because that is what keeps the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within us. And that fire is visible to others, which of course draws them to us...and we call those who are drawn to us "converts".

Point taken? Good.

I will summarize with one final point.


Yours, in Christ Jesus


Mr. Dad said...

I was there too, Adoro, and I'll second everything you said. The conference was INCREDIBLE. And unfortunately the local populace wasn't as well represented as I had expected.

That said, I think perhaps the high cost for the conference may have been a deterrent. (Although if I recall they did offer an incredible discount for groups of 5 or more.) Also - the fact that it was Thursday evening through Sunday, in the middle of the summer, may have turned some people away (especially if they have jobs! or vacations...). I think it might be beneficial if they had a "Saturday only" option, with a significantly reduced fee.

Adoro said...


Thanks for commenting! Which talks did you attend?

Considering the calbre of speakers and the number, I think the cost was resonable, although I agree it's a lot. I actually justified it like this; I want to go back to school to study theology. But I can't so instead, I paid for this conference.

I do think the cost was reasonable, but I understand what you mean...last year I simply could not afford it. I couldn't this year, either, but the Holy Spirit wouldn't leave me alone.

As far as the timing...I think that might be part of it. July is big vacation month everywhere, and if they had it at a different time it year, there may have been more attendees. I also think it was not publicized enough.

That's why I'm giving CD's to my pastor, and he has been very receptive. He actually agreed he will send people next year and asked me to stay on him about it. I agreed! (Incidentally, as of August, I'm officially parish leadership...thus maybe I can get him to send us all to this as opposed to a worthless convention in Houston).

Anywho...INCREDIBLE is the word!

Mr. Dad said...

Because of work, etc. I only was able to attend on Saturday (and yet I still paid full price!). I pretty much stayed on the "Scripture" track - i.e. Fr. Mitch Pacwa's "The Reliability of the Gospels" talk, Jeff Cavins' "Customs of Bible Times" talk, and the "Stump the Bible Scholar" panel forum. All good stuff.

You're right, though - considering as many high caliber speakers as there were at one event, the cost was quite reasonable...

C S P B said...

I was there as well. I also attended last year.

In addition to the excellent speakers, I was greatly impressed with the paternal leadership demonstrated by Bishop Aquila (of Fargo). His talk and homily indicated that he is a man of prayer and faith.

His actions demonstrated a father's love, which is often lacking in society and the Church.

Anonymous said...

I considered attending, but for some reason I thought it was meant for people who organize/teach/lead bible study classes.

Adoro said...


As I understand it, they get this response a lot, and so they are looking at changing the name. I recieved a brochure last year which did announce it was for more than Bible Study leaders, and this year I attended not only because I really wanted to, but because I am beginning a 3 year tenure as parish is a good thing! But the point of the conferene is that we are ALL leaders in some way, we are ALL called to spread the Gospel and to lead others to Christ, and so the conference is for EVERYONE! It is more scripturally based in most talks, but believe me, it's not just for Bible study leaders. Put it on your calender for next year!

For those in other parts of the US...there is one in San Jose, CA in April, Boca Raton, FL in Feb, and in November 2007 in Denver CO.

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