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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Glass Chalice

I read this article today over my lunch break and nearly choked...not by the topic, for it's gotten a lot of press, but rather due to the attitudes expressed within.

The headline reads, Despite excommunication threat, McCandless woman plans to become a priest."

I am going to highlight some excerpts for your reading displeasure;

But Mrs. Houk, who celebrated her 66th birthday last weekend, remains resolute. On July 31, the cradle Catholic will join 11 other female candidates in an ordination ceremony aboard a rented boat here -- the first ceremony of its kind in the United States. Eight are seeking to become women priests and the other four, deacons.

The event, a public challenge to the Roman Catholic church's teaching that only baptized men can be priests, will disturb traditional believers.

The first line in which the woman's age is given says a lot...this movement will die because it is not of the Holy Spirit, and as all of the participants are's pretty clear what generation gave rise to this heresy.

Note the jab about "disturb traditional believers." Yes, it does disturb faithful believers because we can see the works of Satan and we fear for the souls of these women. If it were only a matter of bad catechesis, then perhaps it could be better addressed. But the problem is that these women are educated; they are not just laypeople whe read National Catholic Reporter and epitomize the dissent contained within. They are educated, they know the truth, and THEY HAVE CHOSEN TO REJECT IT.

If Mrs. Houk holds herself out as a priest after the ceremony, she risks excommunication.

No, that's not true. She has CHOSEN excommunication and she has publicly rejected her faith. She is no longer Catholic. Period. She has joined another religion, a fraudulent one which gyps its members of grace and misrepresents itself by calling itself "Roman Catholic." There is no threat of excummunication or is a done deal by her own choice whether she cares to recognize that or not.

Ignorance cannot save her for this woman and women like her are not suffering from invincible ignorance...they are suffering from selective rejection of the truth.

Mrs. Houk believes the best way to spur the church to ordain women is to violate what she believes is an unjust law.

"The church has to take a stand for women ... that they are the image of God and are to be respected and treated on an equal, human level. This is really why I have to do what I am doing," she said in a recent interview.

I'm sorry, but what she is doing actually reflects very poorly upon women as a whole. It makes us all look like a bunch of raving fools...or at least women of her age group. The Church does not deny that women are in the image of fact, God loves us women so much that he gave us the power to co-create with him through the ability to conceive, carry, and bear new life. This woman has chosen the path to death via the form of committing and perpetuating and promulgating a very grave sin.

"Equality" does not mean "exactly alike in all ways." Most women do not suffer from penis envy...after offense to men, but who'd want one? Get real. We don't want to be men, we can do some jobs traditionally held by men, but all of those jobs and careers are man-made, thus subject to change. The Church is not man-made, but is a supernatural, Divine Institution subject to God, not the preferences of a few misguided feminists who have not yet realized that the statium in which they are speaking is empty for they have brought only death, not new life to the world with their satanic illusions of power.

This statement requires some serious critical thinking; Since the 1980s, tens of thousands of American Catholics have consistently told the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago that they favor ordaining women as well as married priests.

Let's break that down.
* Since the 1980's It is now 2006--so this addresses a time frame between 20-30 years.

* tens of thousands of American Catholics have consistently told the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago.. Um....ok, let's look at those years of bad catechesis, where people did not know their faith or why we believe what we believe, and realize that there is a reason why they held the opinion of the following:

* they favor ordaining women as well as married priest

Let's look at all of that...this is a fine piece of propaganda, meets all the elements of misrepresentation and misdirection, designed to shock and to pursuade readers via the bandwagon ploy..."Everyone believes it, why are you such an idiot not to see that you should believe this nonsense too?" What they are saying that "tens of thousands" of American Catholics during the time of the worst catechesis in the history of the world, over a time period and numerous surveys within a 20-30 year span did not know their faith and they displayed their confusion and misunderstanding through this question. So it's not saying that everyone feels this is saying that American Catholics are sadly ignorant about their faith.

"A majority of American Catholics for quite some time have supported those changes in church doctrine. The public has been open to more innovation in the church than the church itself has been," said Tom Smith, director of the center's general social survey A bunch of people who CLAIM to be Catholic but have no idea what they are spouting about have supported those changes. And of course the public has been open to "more innovation" than the Church itself has been...we call the public the "culture of death", and we call the Church, "The Church", which has stood for over 2,000 years and will continue to stand no matter how many souls try to cause ruin from within.

"I believe the ordination will be valid and part of the apostolic succession," said Mrs. Houk, who earned her master's in divinity on a full scholarship at the University of Notre Dame in 1996.

She believes the ordination will be this shows that she has made herself her own Pope. She gets to call the shots now. This is actually called "pride" and it's one of the seven deadly sins. Sadly, I'm not at all surprised she graduated from Notre Dame..isn't that where the heretic priest teaches and flaps his gums off in outright dissent against the obedience he vowed at his own ordination?

"We do not promise obedience to our bishop. We promise obedience to Jesus and the Gospel," Mrs. Houk said, adding that each candidate will receive a glass chalice engraved with her name and the date.

The failure to pledge obedience is a HUGE red flag...Jesus Christ himself designed the Church and set up the heirarchy, and this is the reason the Church has stood for so long..the Holy Spirit holds the heirarchy together, and brings in the faithful. By being obedient to a superior, one is obedient to Jesus and to the Gospel. We cannot bypass those in authority to serve our own agendas, for we are NOT our own popes. We cannot all be the Vicar of Christ, for that position is taken, and it is appointed by God himself.

Do you see the symbolism of the glass chalice? It's glass because glass is breakable and shatters. It is transparent, as are the lies of the evil one who seeks so hard to lead souls away from the Lord. It displays whatever is inside it, and unfortunately for these women, their chalices which represent their "ordinations" hold nothing but air...they are as empty and worthless as the invalid ceremony which serves only to seperate the participants from the Lord.


Unknown said...

Good point about the "glass chalice", Adoro!

I'll have to remember that if/when I run into one on one of my church expeditions. They're out there.

Another powerful bit of symbolism found in "progressive" churches these days is the prominent use of the word "community" rather then church or parish on their web pages and building signage.

Communities are "horizontal" in focus. The emphasis of the programs of the parish is on the parishioners and their relationship to each other and what they can receive from the ministries of the parish.

Traditional parishes are "vertical" in focus, with the emphasis being on the worship of God in Heaven and the parishioners' goal of ultimately joining Him there.

Adoro said...

Funny you should bring up the "community" issue here...I was actually thinking about blogging about it. I realized today that any "community" which has removed "Church" from the title is focusing on the laity as God.

Anonymous said...

Adoro - your description of the Church being protected by the Holy Spirit is so succint I am saving that one for future reference when the topic of women's ordination comes up again. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Adoro - it is a sad commentary of the "church" when the sacrament of Holy Orders is dependent on one's anatomy. Were there African Americans or Asians at the last supper? No, oh, so, we should not ordain them, after all, they do not "look" like Christ. What arrogance! We stood by when the pedophile priest were scurrying out of the woodwork by the criminal justice system and I don't recall any talk of "ex-communication". God forgive you and your myoptic followers.
Rosa Lundy

Adoro said...


Thank you for commenting.

Your argument, however, holds no water, and it certainly can't hold wine and turn it into the blood of Christ.

I'm sorry that you feel that the Truth is "myopic", however, I have to ask...who are you to demand that the Church change to meet your preferences?

The Lord has set down his directives, and claiming that African Americans weren't present at the Last Supper is a straw man argument and you know it. It seems you have not seen the number of African-American, Vietnamese,Chinese, Korean, etc. priests out there?

And attacking the priesthood on the basis of a very small percentage of pedophile and homosexual priests (most of the victims were male- check your statistics) has nothing to do with anything. You are looking for an argument, not for a solution, and you will NOT find the solution in a bunch of mislead women.

They have excommunicated themselves through their actions, and they can be reconciled through renouncing their actions an in bringing themselves into unity with the Church. It's not the other way around.

There is a great deal of theology behind the reasons for the male-only priesthood, should you care to take time to learn it.

I sense, though, that you are more interested in flaming than in having a discussion, given the tone of your post.

If you are truly open to the Holy Spirit, come back and I'll try to answer your questions. None of us has the right to demand that the Church change to fit our is we who must change in order to become closer to God.

I'm so sorry you can't see beyond your own myopic view. Pray to St. Lucy, the patron saint of eyes. I will do the same.

God bless you.

Brother James said...

Most of these women's disagreements with the Church don't stop with Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, but usually continue on to challenge the Magisterium on reproductive choice, sexuality, and basic christology. Even if their mock ordinations didn't incur a latae sententiae excommunication, their advocacy of other heretical beliefs would anyway.
The whole argument reminds me of Monty Python's 'Dead Parrot Sketch'.

Father Schnippel said...

Spot on as always!

(I especially like the "Equality does not mean exactly alike in all ways" paragraph, great concrete example in there.) ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Adoro, for your unique point of view as a woman Catholic on this issue. You highlight a number of points that are right on target.