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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fair warning to job seekers!

Anyone on a job search should check out this link, found at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. .

Several years ago, back in my early 20's, I was desperately seeking a job. I had a job, but I was looking for something significantly better with a paycheck I could hope to live on.

I didn't contact Bernard Haldane (the firm the article is about), but I did contact the consulting firm, Allen & Associates. I found their advertisement in the paper and figured I'll call to inquire as to how they worked and what might be expected of me.

The man I spoke with initially started out very cordially; but he would not answer my questions. He simply learned that I was a college grad and expressed interest in meeting with me to discuss my future. I tried to inquire about fees; how much would their assistance cost? He woudln't tell me and tried to hedge the question and get me to come in for an appointment.

He continually told me that the clients are in charge and they only accepted the most promising clients, etc etc. It was just a bunch of flattery with no substance.

I explained to him that I did not want an appointment; I explained that I was looking to see how their service worked before I committed to meeting with anyone at the firm.

The man became very hostile and said, "I'm no longer interested in having you as a client." And he hung up on me.

I was shocked that a person offering their services would dare to do such a thing, and from that point on, I have steered clear of any such job search agencies. I would suggest that anyone reading this blog do so as well.

I learned later on from other people that exorbitant fees were expected up front and there was never a guarantee that a career would be delivered. They do not provide fees up front so that they can lock the "client" into a contract and obtain their very souls if their pocketbooks weren't big enough to reimburse them for "services provided".

Consider this a little PSA which may keep you from going bankrupt in the name of finding a career.

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