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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Catholic News Site!

This evening I received an e-mail from Tito Edwards, who has started a new news aggregate which may interest a number of you.

His site,, searches the web twice daily (once daily on weekends) for the "best orthodox punditry in the blogosphere" and posts it for your reading pleasure.

Go have a look!  From what I can see it's a great site and at a glance you'll see links to great commentary by names you recognize (and maybe a few you don't!)

Um....but come back here, too, ok?  I don't want to get lonely...



Anonymous said...

I tried it last month. Don't like it. It's very busy on the eye and it is very, very American in focus. Nothing wrong (ah hem) with America but we already have some good American focused Catholic news aggregate sites right now (my fav being which also presents a short excerpt rather than title & author only).

And, no worries, as you can see, your blog remains in my rss reader :)

Adoro said...

Awww, you're my most faithful friend!

I KNEW someone would come back!


OK, I love New Advent, too, but the problem with that is that although he updates frequently and gives a synopsis (the writer's 1st para or so), one doesn't know what dates it falls upon. So it can get annoying seeing stuff from a week ago when I want to know what is news TODAY specifically.

Maybe he'll see your comment though and see if he can do a better job of finding non-American pundits - maybe he'll take suggestions?

(I'd LOVE to see you on it but you're not a pundit - your focus is different as is mine).

Personally, as a "what" kind of person, I kinda like the title and author at a glance. It also tells me whether I have time to click on that link or whether I need to save it for after work!

Tito Edwards said...


Thanks for the plug!

Don't worry about returning readers, I'll be sending you new readers when I link to some of your awesome posts!


Roughly half the links are outside the U.S., mostly from the U.K. and Australia.

We're different from the outstanding New Advent News Aggregater in that we offer the news in a structured format. Plus you can go back in our archives and catch up on any other news links that you may have missed, unlike New Advent where they disappear after about two days (not bad, just different).

That and about 90% of the links on New Advent are from the U.S.

I've specifically been searching for more links outside the U.S., specifically Ireland, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Spain (in addition to the U.K. and Australia).

Also New Advent posts a lot of news bites, where we at post mostly (almost all) articles that are in-depth analysis on our Catholic faith.

We're not competing with New Advent, we are more of a compliment to satisfy the different tastes out there.

Kevin Knight, who runs New Advent, and I get along very well and we work together as far as taking links from each other for our respective news-sites. Almost like a symbiotic relationship!

Anyhoo, come visit us and you won't go away disappointed.

PLUS! In the coming months we'll be adding two new features that will further distinguish us from other Catholic News Agreggaters.

It's under wraps, but I'll be sending out early sneak peeks to online friends like Adoro before the rest of the Web sees them!

Remember, New Advent, Adoro, and the rest of the Catholic blogosphere are together in evangelizing our beautiful Catholic faith to the world.

So we can bring the Kingdom of Heaven here to earth!

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,

Tito Edwards
Chief Editor

Adoro said...

Tito ~ Thanks for stopping by - and for any referrals you send. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tito,

you've taken my thoughts too far. My opinion of how the site displays is just that, my opinion. Perhaps that's why I missed the additional non American focused content you have written about above?

Never intended any suggestion of competition between you and Kevin (great guy, as you are too no doubt).

Never intended to mean your site is not working in cooperation with the new evangelism in the whole Catholic blogosphere for the betterment of it and of the Church.

I hope many will frequent your site and that the Church will be blessed by this.

I'm happy you've picked up Adoro. She's a great person and a solid writer.

If you want to publish a link to my site some day I will recant all the things I never said ;-) God bless you. Be well.

Anonymous said...

P.S. On the day I wrote my first comment I subed your rss for my feedly reader and I read from there what interests me.

Tito Edwards said...


No sweat!

Please send me your blogsite so I can add your posts to my feeder.

I'll be more than happy to add links to your blog. :)

It wasn't that you said anything wrong, it was an opportunity for me to distinguish myself as another option that offers a different type of service to Catholics and non-Catholics.

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,