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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please, if you would....

...please take off your coat and stay awhile!

I welcome all my new readers from and other venues, but as I say in my new ABOUT YOU page, it would be nice to get to know the people who spend so much time with me.

Please, if you would, step on into the next room, have a cuppa coffee or tea, or whatever you please, and have a chat with me. Help me to get to know you!

Welcome, and thanks for stopping in!  My door is always open!

Mind the dog, though...she'll slobber and shed all over you if you let her!


belinda said...

Dear Adoro, I'm the slowest person around but mostly because my children consume most all of my time. I really liked getting to know you better when you posted that long list of things about yourself. I copied it and completed it for myself and then I thought... "Who would really wanna know about me anyway?" and then I chickened out but even so I enjoyed learning about you and sometimes other bloggers as well and I've come to find out that I'm sad when other bloggers finally have to move on. (dump me:) Seriously deeply saddened. Go figure, and even though it's a pretend world.

When I pray for a soul of another blogger I become some what emotionally attached. Crazy? Maybe but it's true. I didn't know that would happen. I still think about those boys in that car wreck you wrote about... God bless them!

If you don't mind I think I will post that personal profile that you had posted... I really did enjoy it.

Adoro said...

Belinda ~ Thanks for your comment and saying hello!

I took down the "100 things" meme you cite (& I know that's the one since you commented on that one about a couple questions you would because it really DIDN'T represent me very well. I've done other memes of course, and like them for the same reason you get to know other people It IS always interesting!

Here's the thing: yes this is a "pretend world" to a certain degree, but only so far as we let it be so. That's what I'm attempting to do here: to reveal the humanity, the very REAL humanity that pervades the internet in spite of its intended unsubstantial nature.

Those boys in the car wreck...I wrote about them because I WANT them to be as REAL to you as they were and remain to me!

On the personal profile...which one? You mean on the other page?

LOL...if so..that's where I was hoping you'd post this comment, but I can reply here just as well and be just as happy you stopped by.



And please keep praying for those boys and their Mom...I know now I'll never learn the outcome on this side of heaven. But...they're family to us now, aren't they?

Adoro said...

Belinda ~ BTW a friend pointed out a glitch on the other page, I fixed it but when you commented the one I was directing everyone to didn't ALLOW comments! OY!

Fixed though. Glad you commented here. :-)

belinda said...

Perhaps becoming emotionally attached to our blogger buddies is because I want for them to go to heaven as badly as I want it for myself.

After blogging for over two years now,these people have become very real and I love them but even so I know the relationships are not real. However the moral support and the prayers that they extend to me and I to them are real.

My personal intention is to pray for souls, to pull up the rear in Catholicism and to be a light in a very dark and often times nasty world of internet. Where a person is their true self when they are alone with their computers. I'm the ying to their yang. :]

Larry Denninger said...

HI Adoro - I'm LarryD, resident of the mitten state directly to your east. I'm Catholic. I run a blog called Acts of the Apostasy. From time to time a strange weird guy named 'Terry Nelson' visits my blog, leaving cryptic comments. Sometimes he brings his equally strange weird friend Cathy. Perhaps you know them?

Adoro said...

Belinda ~ that's an awesome reason to get emotionally attached! I want to see my blogger buddies in Heaven, too! What would blogging look like in Heaven, anyway?

Yes, the people ARE real, some more so than others, and yes, the prayers and support are real, which is far more than many of us can claim from those we know in real life (IRL), right?

I admit I often feel more attached to my blog friends throughout the world than I do with my friends in real life who, well...often seem to be on a different, if faithful, planet.

Tried to explain this to a priest I know the other day. I don't think he got it, although he supported it and prays for us all.

Glad I met ya Belinda. Wanna have a cuppa coffee sometime? ;-)

Adoro said...

Larry D. ~ I LOVE the mitten state, mostly because my Dad was born there, but in the UP portion of it that protects the Mitten. ;-)

I have an uncle who used to live in the Mitten.

On Terry- he's more elusive than the 15 point buck I wish I could shoot and shove in my freezer to feed myself, Mom, and my brother, and he probably hates me more than he does his own family.

So no, I've never met the guy..he never gave me the opp. ;-) (No offense, Terry, if you read this..just feeding into your psyche)

He and Cathy know each other though, and Cathy, albeit a bit weird, hates her neighbors more than she hates me and my abode and the very fuzzy dog that inhabits it so her...yeah, I can claim her as a personal friend & with pride!

If you ever come to MN, I can intro you and Cathy, for sure!

belinda said...

Adoro, I know it's weird to say but in real life my parents and many of my relatives don't know me as well as a person who would read my blog from day to day. Sad but true. My father in particular doesn't know me very well at all and yet he's known me for fifty years. He would be shocked at the things I write. Bloggers get into our heads and know how we think and feel and vice versa because of what we write.

To; Mr "D" who has the funniest avatar.(That's because he looks like he's just lost his best dog.)

The reason why Miss Cathy doesn't care much for her neighbors is because they like to throw used diapers into her yard. THEN wait .... I'm laughing........ THEN she picks up the diapers and returns them. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA How funny is that? Oh, how I would loved to have seen that.

Adoro said...

Belinda ~ Yeah, exactly.

I just wish Cathy would put those diapers at my own neighbor's front doors now that I've ID'd which unsupervised dogs belong to which of my neighbors...who are soon going to experience dog refuse on their tire treads after they have pulled into their garage....

There are leash laws for a reason..mostly to keep me and Cathy from ordinance enforcement in our respective neighborhoods. ;-)

Sucks to be our neighbors, huh? I should send mine peanut butter and dry ice to get their dog's poop off their tires and shoes....

Anonymous said...

nice blog, Im in Wales although Im English, I have a blog and as I dont get out much explore the world via the net.Please come and visit with me sometime, Tea anyone?

Larry Denninger said...

Belinda - every time you comment on how my avatar looks like I just lost my dog, I think of the time I lost my dog, and then my face looks like my's a vicious circle, I tell ya!

Adoro - I'll take you up on that offer next time I'm in MN. Just tell Cath to leave the diapers home...

Adoro said...

diddleymaz ~ Tea would be lovely!

Exploring the world via net is my only option, too!

LarryD ~ lol!

belinda said...

Aw, Mr."D", I'm so sorry to bring up such a sad, sad subject - again. Perhaps I can cheer you up by telling you that I've found your lost dog. He's been in prison all this time and he's missed you too!
Reuniting loved ones is so very satisfying.

Larry Denninger said...

Belinda - aw, thanks!

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Hello Adoro,
Been reading your blog for a while and have to say, it is one of the blogs I turn to every day.Helps to straighten me out as it were!Recently started my own blog mainly for my own benefit,it is a way to get my own thoughts down,and I suppose makes the way back home a little less painful.Love to your dog.I have two
very large Standard poodles myself.

Adoro said...

A Catholic Comes Home ~ Thanks for your comment - yeah, I admit I write a lot of posts simply because I need to be straightened out, too! (Basically it's like talking to myself live and in public! lol)

Coming back can be painful, can't it? Lots to sort through - same here.

My dog sends slobbers! Give your own a few pats from me!

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Thanks Adoro.
I live in a little house right on the southern edge of England,A little house where nothing works,I suppose some would call it quaint!
I think it is wonderful that you can talk to someone on the other side of the world, whom you have never met in the flesh,and feel entirely at home.I guess I do not make the best coffee in the world,but you would be most welcome to try some.
The poodle boys send their kind regards.

Adoro said...

A Catholic Comes Home ~ Isn't it amazing the good the internet does by connecting us, erasing the political lines (countries) and helping us to see our universality more clearly? (gosh, was that a run-on sentence or what?)

BTW...I have a little townhome where nothing works because I can't afford the maintenance! The word to describe it wouldn't be as nice and cozy as "quaint" though; more along the lines of "eccentric" and..uh..."messy"! lol