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Monday, January 24, 2011

What Would You Do About It?

Today is the March for Life in Washington, DC, and you know...I haven't seen a single secular, mainstream news report on it.

That's fine; we will not be silent and those who MUST be reached, WILL be reached: even we who have already been reached and are already horrified by the blood of infant sacrifice.

Just as this morning while scanning blog post titles, I came across this gem from Michelle at Rosetta Stone.

Here's an excerpt:

Suppose we found out that the town, or the state, had decided that raping women on that particular street corner was legal. We would probably be outraged that such a despicable crime were permitted under any conditions anywhere. Some of us might fight to abolish that law. Some of us might stand vigil on that street to warn women. Some who stand vigil might see women being dragged there by men who want to rape them and know they can legally do it only on that corner. Some standing vigil might be roused to violence in defense of the woman about to be victimized.

Suppose, despite all these efforts, the act remained legal on that corner and in other parts of the country. Suppose after a decade, hundreds or thousands of women were being raped every day, legally. How would we, as a society, cope with that?

Would the outrage remain? Would we get tired of trying to protect women? Would we stop the daily vigil and only show up on days that weren't quite as hectic (no soccer practice today, guess I have time to go rage against the violence)?

Would we have less horror of the act of rape? After a decade of being told that rape was OK, under certain circumstances, would youth brought up in that environment think rape is a big deal at all? Would we begin to justify it, perhaps thinking that the women deserved it?

Michelle's post is well worth reading and considering, and is much better than anything I can write on this subject.  So, my friends, please, go and read the rest.

Oh, and don't just leave it at reading. Let her words, let the reality of the situation inspire you into action.

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