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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Overheard in Adoro's World

The other night I went to Mass and afterwards talked with a friend for a few minutes.  His 11-year-old niece and teen nephew were with him, also engaging in the conversation in various ways.

As we were walking out of the church, the 11-year-old suddenly piped up and asked me, "So you're really holy, huh?"

"Nope! I'm a sinner!"

"Too BAD for YOU!"

Oh, kid, you have no idea.....


Terry Nelson said...

LOL! Big sinner here too!

Katherine said...

LOL! He doesn't sound very sympathetic!

BTW, love the new look.

I also had a question about your policy. What is "paleo-commenting"?

Adoro said...

Terry ~ can't seem to stop!

Katherine ~ lol...the niece said it, actually! The teen boy is much kinder, but that 11 year old is in her obnoxious phase! :-)

On "paleo-commenting", I stole the word from another blog. (Aren't words awesome????). It refers to trolls that go to old posts and flame them, or flame recent posts but on old unrelated ones, obviously because they have no spine.

The comment moderation keeps that under control! I get the comment, but the paleo-commenter doesn't get to be seen by proper company! (sometimes its profane, and sometimes it's just spam).

I do publish legit comments on old posts when they come in, though.