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Thursday, November 05, 2009

SNAP Judgments

I refuse to link to them, but everyone knows who SNAP is and the fact they are an enemy of the Church operating under a facade of "good intention".

Let it be known that anyone who responds to any criticism of SNAP or like groups with absolute disgust should not be the targets of such judgmental and irrational questions/accusations such as:

* "You must never have been sexually abused!"
* "You are denying the fact that priests sexually abused people!"

..among other stupid, irrational absurdities. Those very challenges are so ridiculous and offensive it's impossible to respond, and actually...doesn't DESERVE a response. Seriously, why does someone have to have been sexually abused in order to understand that it's a horrible, horrible soul-and-life-destroying evil? And how does legitimate criticism of an anti-Catholic organization that claims to be "Catholic" translate into denial that the abuse ever occurred?

(As an aside, that's exactly the type of emotionally-based "argument" I expect from dissidents, i.e. SNAP members if we start the AOTM club, and I am quite amused at the idea of someone trying to defend such a position against actual facts and figures and rationality.)

If you need a quick synopsis on this group, and a starting point for your research into them, this has a nice summary: Twilight of the Scandal.

You may also be interested in reading the legal case history about Fr. Gordon MacRae, written by a journalist not associated with the Church, and you may be especially interested in his treatment by SNAP which obviously has no interest in Truth, only money and power. Further information for research into Fr. Gordon MacRae and the lack of due process for accused priests can be found here.

If you support SNAP, stop your donations NOW for I would suggest continuing to donate to them is not only scandalous, but may well be a mortal sin. (Actually scandal and mortal sin go hand in hand.) But that's between you and your confessor. Remember that mortal sin consists of the following:

1. The issue is an objectively grave matter
2. It is done with full knowledge
3. It is done with complete consent.

Let's analyze:

* We know this is a very grave matter. Ignoring and falsely imprisoning priests because it's the popular thing to do, and doing it for money and power is objectively, a very very grave sin. Being involved in a group that is doing such a thing is akin to direct participation, which is also a grave sin. (It's like donating to Planned Parenthood)

* You have been provided with the info and you now have full knowledge, and if you chose NOT to click on the links provided above, you are even MORE culpable because you are REJECTING Truth outright.

* By continuing to support a group that would do such things with complete consent...just sealed the deal, and not in a good way.


It's a dang good thing Christ left us with the Sacrament of Confession, isn't it? As long as we realize what we've done, that we're truly sorry, and desire to amend our lives and not repeat that sin, well....all of the above can be, in a sense, undone. But if you're a member of SNAP you might have to make reparation in another way, such as sacrificing and doing penance for the priests wrongly imprisoned because of YOUR support.

As far as those nasty creatures who engaged in any kind of sexual abuse...let them be punished by the law just as it applies to every other lay person accused of the same crimes.

Their punishment should not be worse or privileged in any way. THE SAME.

On the spiritual end, vengeance belongs to God alone and no doubt He will repay...whether in this life or the next. It's STILL our job, and the very direct teaching of Jesus Christ to forgive and pray for those who have sinned, no matter how much they have hurt us or what sins they have committed.

I suggest maybe we have a day of prayer, penance, and reparation for members of SNAP and like organizations. And the same for priests who have abused and are guilty. Both have equal need for God's mercy, for both have done nothing but victimize others and lead souls astray.

The difference between SNAP and a priest brought to legal justice for legitimate crimes is this: SNAP is running unchecked and continuing to destroy souls, both that of others and their own.

Personally, I'd like to see justice across the board, and am realizing that since there is no justice in this world, it's going to happen for some in the next.

Let's all offer Divine Mercy prayers, sincerely, for all the souls that have done damage to the Church and to our unity FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!

Prayers for Reparation

Given this is the octave of the Feast of All Souls, and tomorrow is a First Friday, Saturday a First Saturday, let us remember especially those souls who have hurt the Church...and pray for their release from Purgatory. Let us do THEIR PENANCE. Let us obtain every indulgence for them.

This is a grace-filled month especially offered for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. In turn, I'm sure the Holy Souls will pray for our intentions, that being the conversion of souls here on earth, especially those actively involved in their futile attempts to destroy the Church, within which they are only destroying themselves. Pray for them.

Let us be done with snap judgments and instead, turn to prayer especially for those who are willing to convict and condemn before they are willing to pray and offer mercy.

That means I'm asking you to pray for me, as well. Thank you.


Suzanne Sadler said...


Thank you for writing this. Many of the faithful are confused about SNAP and even go on to endorse Voice of the Faithful and parrot Leon Podles' and Bishop Accountability's screed.

Please keep writing on this issue!

Adoro said...

Maybe all the Faithful bloggers should collaborate and bury SNAP as they should have been long ago.

Ryan Anthony MacDonald said...

You wrote what I believe many Catholics have thought and felt for some time, but have been hesitant to write for fear of being demonized by ANSP, VOTF, and other “advocates.”
Real advocacy would lead victims to survive their victimhood, not to wallow in it, profit from it, engage in smear campaigns because of it. I do not blame victims of abuse for feeling hurt and angry, but no one should be more alarmed, insulted, and dispirited by false claims than real victims of sexual abuse. I believe that many of those who have used the current climate to demand financial settlements from the Catholic Church, but with no offer of proof, are victims of nothing more than their own greed and lack of morally guiding principles. Why is the victim of a priest so much more harmed than the victim of a teacher, or a coach, or a minister? Yet teachers and school systems – which have been proven to have exponentially higher incidences of sexual abuse – are exempt from litigation and vicarious responsibility. Why are SNAP and VOTF okay with that? The fact that they have nothing to say about it is evidence that there are using claims against priests for some other agenda that has nothing to do with an interest in protecting children.
I recently read that SNAP called a press conference from the office of a contingency lawyer to announce a law suit against the Jesuits because of a claim involving a priest in his 80s alleged to have occurred over 40 years ago. No one can prove or disprove such a claim, but SNAP viciously demonized him to the great joy of a lawyer who stood to garnish 40% of the settlements. The smear campaign and bullying are already well underway in this case. I read last week that the Bishop of Portland, ME ordered a parish to remove a plaque honoring a priest who has been accused of abuse from 45 years ago. The priest died in 1972. He is not here to defend himself, but under pressure from SNAP, the Bishop caved in and capitulated to this shameful and vindictive denouncing of this priest.
The abuse scandal is over. What we are seeing now is the abuse of the abuse scandal, and some rather shameless profiteering by what has become a gang of thugs masked as advocates. It is time for the Church’s leaders to be shepherds again, and not sheep to be fleeced. It is time for bishops to stop throwing their priests – living and deceased – to the litigious wolves.
Greed ranks right up there with lust among the Seven Deadly Sins.
Thank you for your enlightening post, Adoro.

Adoro said...

Ryan ~ Thank you for your comment. Indeed this group is evil, greedy, and working for an agenda that has nothing to do with offering real assistants to legitimate victims. And the Bishops...first to have been so wrong as to have let abuse continue, but now, going to the other extreme and caving to the wolves...they'll have something to face on judgment day as well.

Adoro said...

I just want to add one thing: I'm completley amazed I haven't gotten flamed on this post!