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Monday, November 16, 2009


Holy Love Ministries condemns itself through outright DISOBEDIENCE to the Authority of the Church, which speaks in the voice of Christ. Here is the message, the private revelation CLAIMING to be Jesus Christ: (Note that the red bold is my commentary):

November 13, 2009
Friday - For all those falsely accused within society,
governments and within Church circles; that all calumnies are exposed by truth.

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate."{For the oblivious: This title contradicts theology: He was made Incarnate at CONCEPTION, not BIRTH. HERESY!!!}

"My brothers and sisters, tonight confusion may have entered your hearts concerning certain statements from the diocese. I have come to ask you some questions to help you to think like citizens of Heaven, not of earth." {Then why is "Jesus" speaking in careful "legalese"? Isn't He above all that? I seem to recall several scripture passages where he directly cited people and condemned them in very strong language.}

"Does it not say in Scripture,
'You should not stifle the Spirit' (1 Thess 5:19). Did I not state in Scripture,
'Where two or more are gathered in prayer, there I am in their midst (Mt
18:20)." {These passages have nothing to do with each other, and ignore the importance of testing the Spirits and avoiding what is not True. That's an inconvenient teaching in this case. Hint: Jesus doesn't cobble things together in an attempt to distract.}

"My brothers and sisters, you must not place OFFICE and
{"Jesus also said in Matthew 16:17-19: And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." }

"Tonight I am blessing you with My
Blessing of Divine Love."

I just love how she takes scripture out of context. You know, so did Satan when he tempted Christ. We are to discern the spirits, we are to test them. And our litmus test ought to be obedience to known authority, which is the local Ordinary, speaking for the Church, and thus, for Christ Himself. I'll listen to those who speak for Peter, who was given that authority by Christ, thanks.

My friends, the person offering these messages ISN'T speaking for Christ, and the above message is definitive PROOF!

I met someone this weekend who has been there and continues to support it. He will be obedient to the Bishop but clearly stated the Bishop got it wrong because apparently this woman is preaching certain things that ARE in line with the Church. But as Hamlet said, "The devil hath power t' assume a pretty face", and so that evil slithering beast has: in the form of Holy Love Ministries, which is NOW formally leading people astray in an "IN YOUR FACE!" message to the Magisterial Authority of the Church.

Let it be very very clear: we know the true spirit of any message that tells us to disobey legitimate authority. I direct you to St. Faustina. She agonized because Jesus told her to do one thing, and when she went to her Superior, her Superior forbade her from acting on what Jesus had directed her to do. St. Faustina returned to Jesus and confessed her obedience to her Superior. Jesus revealed in that moment that what she did was right, for it was a test of her obedience; she was vowed to obey legitimate authority, and the voice of her Superior was truly the voice of Christ.

It may be argued that some Saints in the past who received private revelations had some that were problematic or did not come true, and still, they are Saints. However, they were not canonized on the basis of the messages, but on their holiness, including their obedience to God AND the authority He established here on earth. Our Lord speaks through the Magisterial authority of the Church, and THAT is what we are bound to obey.

Not some chick who created a pretty place and brainwashed a bunch of people in order to push her own agenda. Outright disobedience and encouraging disobedience is NOT a sign of holiness! It is a sign of something Satanic.

What is going on at Holy Love is a complete scandal and I hope people choose obedience to authentic authority and not some "visionary" with nonsensical authority but a pretty place. Please pray for the woman claiming to be receiving these messages, and all those souls she is leading astray.

{SELF-CORRECTION: Holy Love is NOT under a "Catholic" heading as the Bishop already decreed that they are in formal Schism and advised they cannot function under the "Catholic" title, no matter how many Catholic doctrines or practices they promote. (From May, 1996) The Decree from November 9, 2009, a few days ago, is directed towards the Faithful, to include both clergy and laity.}

Lord, have mercy on us all and deliver us from such false "revelations"!

More info on "Holy Love" which is decidedly less than holy:

Blessed Other by Laura Putre - lots of good info on the fraud being perpetuated. (As a former fraud investigator...can't believe this woman has taken her little spiritual empire so far.) How can otherwise-faithful Catholics be SO mislead? Do they switch their brains off? Their powers of observation?

Pray for Sweeny-Kyle's soul...Pray for all those who choose to follow her, especially now that the site has been condemned formally by the Bishop.

And if you are tempted to disobey the Bishop...consider your eternal salvation and that of ANYONE you mislead through the scandal you cause.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not anti-private-revelation. In fact, I LOVE St. Catherine of Siena's Dialogues. But then again, she didn't invent a "six-chambered heart", but rather, through supernatural knowledge had an understanding of Catholic doctrine and theology which she had not been taught. Sweeny-Kyle, on the other hand, has made up her own theology and it COMPLETELY differs from ALL the Catholic spiritual masters and Doctors of the Church.
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Warren said...

Of course, the Bishops and Canonists can not CLOSE this place.

All they can do is make it clear that this place operates completely OUTSIDE the church. They can also excommunicate this woman and her husband formally, although that is unlikely.

What upsets me is that this husband and wife duo operate this whole thing as a business, and earn income from the people who come and shop in their store, all while perpetuating this shabby series of "apparitions".


Adoro said...

No, no of course he can't 'close" it, I wa sspeaking in hyperbole. Might change wording later.

He's already condemned it, but yes, they can go further.

saintos said...

"My brothers and sisters, you must not place OFFICE and AUTHORITY and TITLE above the TRUTH."

This is my favourite part. This is the part where "Jesus" totally contradicts himself and everything he, through the Church, of which he is the head, has ever said. We must not place Authority above Truth. Yeah, right.

The mighty fall. The Church and the Truth march on. Who needs Protestants when we've got "Catholics" like these?

Oh dear, I'm a tad testy...

Hidden One said...

May farther be gone quickly, pro gloria Dei.

Adoro said...

Saintos ~ Read on in the more recent "revelations". She gets even snarkier. Clearly NOT Jesus, but maybe a woman having PMS and getting her comeuppance at the same time.

Hidden One ~ I'd forgotten that a few years ago they had to remove the word "Catholic" from their title or association, so this Decree is actually for the Faithful, both priests and clergy. She's in formal schism and has been for some time.

saintos said...

Yup, I actually read backwards. I read the other first but commented here. I'm still waiting for the bigM to fall.

Adoro said...

Saintos ~ Not that I want to get into the "M" argument, but of course, I have major issues with that place as well. Major major issues, but have to say my issues there are considerably less than those I have with M.

So while I'll outright go with condemnation of HL here (especially because decision has been made and it's formal), but with M I'm just stepping back and waiting.

If I were to go on a pilgrimage, I'd be most likely to go to the Holy Land or Rome, anyway, not the site of any apparition or private revelation, but to hard-core Catholic places involving solid doctrine, dogma, history, etc. The Foundation, not the side shows.

Adoro said...

OH, and to all, I JUST edited the post to include a couple links for your own info.

And made my own correction to something I said.

And a Disclaimer

Terry Nelson said...

"My brothers and sisters, you must not place OFFICE and

I second what Saintos said - this statement is proof enough it is not from God.

Adoro said...

Terry ~Then you third it...because it's what I based my post on! That line shocked me...such outright dissent!

This visionary has long left the Church, and every day she leads more souls away from Our Lord and His Mother.

No doubt in my mind that "Holy Love" is ANYTHING but Holy!

Father Cory Sticha said...

I'm not going to add anything to your post except to say that you're right on the money. If this was a legitimate apparition, Jesus would tell the visionary to obey the bishop and diocese, submitting to them with humility. He would never tell them to disobey legitimate authority, even if he was the most corrupt and sinful bishop ever to hold that office. And yes, that is the same problem I have with "M", lack of obedience.

Anonymous said...

There is now a Response to the Bishop's Decree on the front page of their website. It's completely creepy - "Jesus's response". Too long to put here, but do go check it out:

It feels like demonic fury to me.

Adoro said...

Elizabeth ~ Thanks, WOW I agree...demonic fury. He knows his time is over and he's screeching like a banshee.

We need to pray Divine Mercy for this "seer" and anyone who still believes in this garbage!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys.....I appreciate reading your input. However, I would like your consideration of this slight possibility:

Would if the Cleveland Bishop's discernment and your opinions are wrong?

The reason why I am very concerned is because, there appears to be a lot of similarity of thoughts and actions in comparison to when JESUS was being put to death.

The Sanhedrin and Soldiers and majority of the Jewish People were fully convinced that JESUS was a heretic not following the Laws of the Covenant.

Also, they were without doubt, convinced that they were right in judging their victim especially, as they crucified JESUS.

Moreover, they were assured that they were in good standing before GOD.

If Holy Love Ministries and more importantly, the Messages are truly coming from Divine Providence, than what side do you think you will be supporting; especially, if you have condemned verbally and through actions convinced other people to go against Heavens intervention at this special site -- Maranatha Spring and Shrine on Earth.

If we do not support TRUTH when it is set before our eyes, we then will be charged with guilt as fallen Christians and will be of no help in Heaven's DIVINE PLAN now or in the future.

JESUS tell us that when we die we will no longer have Free Will and we will only take with us our memory of what we did on Earth and how we abided under the Laws of Holy Love -- Loving first, with all thy heart, mind, and soul GOD above all false gods and secondly, loving thy Neighbor as thyself - (Ten Commandments).

TRUTHS continue to be revealed through the Prophets, as written in the Nicene/Apostles Creed to Generations, to bring as many souls back to their Faith and to the CHURCH to receive the Holy Sacraments in preparation for Eternal Life.

GOD has not abandoned us! I hope you will reconsider your opinion of Maranatha Spring and Shrine and home of Holy Love Ministries and come with faith and joy to this Holy Property to pray.

Praying is a Divine Right of our Freedom granted to all GOD'S People and thankfully, a person can pray in any place that they choose.

I extend to you the complete Blessing of the United Hearts of JESUS and MARY!

Sincerely, HLMS

Adoro said...

HLMS ~ No, it's NOT possible that HL is of God, especially given that the alleged "revelations" especially of the last several days are encouraging DISOBEDIENCE to the Church. The Bishops are not "merely human" authority, but THEY speak with the voice of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to St. Peter, and today through Apostolic Succession we recognize the very authority of Christ as passed down through St. Peter to continue to reside in our Bishops.

HLMS, what YOU are claiming, in essence, is that the power of the Holy Spirit has left the Church and is now residing at HL and is now attacking the Church for not believing.

The theology at HL is illogical, completely departs from authentic theology as upheld by EVERY mystic in history, HL has been in schism since those fruits we shall know you.

You are claiming, in essence that HL is a new Public Revelation. The Church, and all of Christianity is united in the knowledge, revealed by God, that PUBLIC REVELATION ended with Revelation. It's done.

God is faithful to Himself and His covenant and His Bride, the Church. HL has left the Church in favor of a demonic interference which is actively leading people AWAY from the Church and from obedience to her Spouse the Bridegroom, simply by throwing in a few favored known devotions and nonsensically cobbling together a few more that sound good but don't hold up to scrutinty.

In the history of the Church, the mystics who were under censure were fully obedient. If HL is receiving messages from Padre Pio, he would have smacked her silly by now. He was the most humble and obedient of them all, if comparisons are even POSSIBLE to be made.

HLMS, What's with your proclamation, "God has not abandoned us"???? God doesn't abandon ANY of us. Rather, it is all of YOU at HL who have abandoned GOD and His CHURCH! It is YOU who should reconsider your false empire of lies and falsehoods, fall on your knees and ask God for forgiveness for your disobedience and VERY PUBLIC scandal!

Praying ~ Yes, praying is a right...that has nothing to do with any of this. No one is suggesting you stop having a dialogue with God...what is being suggested is that the dialogue with the Evil One stop. However,there is this little thing we call "intent" and "will" and this wonderful virtue called "obedience" that dictates that if we are praying with a bunch of others people in a place with harmful theology led by a disobedient "mystic" claiming locutions and visions that the Bishop recognizes as NOT supernatural (or at best, Demonic, which he left unsaid), well, that's a much different thing, isn't it?

You don't have the authority to extend any blessing to me, and your version of "Jesus" and "Mary" aren't anyone I desire to come into any contact with at all.

You ask me with whom I cast my lot? Certainly not with YOU. I cast my lot with the fullness of the Faith, to be found in the Church that was born out of the side of Christ, and all of those who authentically speak for Our Lord through the ordinary magisterium.

Please refrain from posting more of your propaganda on my blog. I answer you this one time because I posted against your "ministry" and you have a right to respond, and did so. But as I don't want any other souls misled I would suggest you take your blathering nonsense back where you came from, consider your own conversion of heart and return to the Church in humble obedience.

Please stop spamming my posts, it doesn't make you any more intelligent nor does it help your case.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adoro said...

TO ALL COMMENTERS: If you are posting as "anonymous" please sign SOME kind of a name because if you actually have something of intelligence to say then you should have a name to put to it. And it gets very difficult sorting out all sorts of anonymouse stuff.

Now...Anonymous without a name:

The reason the Bishop spoke out is:

1. The Holy See asked him to.
2. He is in charge of the care of the souls in his diocese, ALL of them, not just Catholic ones. Because this "visionary" is spouting things that are theologically WRONG and she has been in disobedience for a lONG time to her Bishop (she still claims to be Catholic, correct?) and because she is actively discouraging people from remaining loyal to the Church, it doesn't matter if she clings to this or that particular doctrine.

Besides...why would she want people to pray the rosary, for example, at HER shrine when people can go to a Catholic Church and pray the rosary in community or alone, and obtain an indulgence?

There are no indulgences or Blessed Sacrament at "Holy Love".

Why would Jesus establish a place in opposition to His own Sons?

By the way, Jesus won't accept "any prayer stated in love". Know that St. Thomas Aquinas defined sin as "disordered love".

The prayer that IS heard is any prayer spoken within the Will of God. Given that His authentic spokesperson through Apostolic Succession has issued a Decree against "Holy Love", then it's very clear that ANYONE who is continuing to support that site, visionary, and messages is clearly NOT within God's Will, and in fact, may very well be in very grave sin.

So it appears to me that all this woman is doing, as Satan's minion, is SEEMING to lead people into the Sacraments and proper devotions, but only to lead them into grave sin so that when they receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ they will be committing sacrilege and destroying their souls.

Maybe YOU should think about THAT!

Adoro said...

FYI: I will delete any further "anonymous" postings unless a name of some sort is signed SOMEWHERE. It's called "courtesy." And it also reveals a willingness to be held to account for what you are saying.

teri said...

Dear Freind this is anonymous here. My name is Teri Tew Due to my limited computer skills i hit the send button before signing sorry. Just sharing my views right or wrong but the Father I have come to Love, Serve and Praise will accept any prayer no matter how small. Especially when it is given to him thur the Heart of His Mother. One of my prayers is to guard myself against Intellectual pride, the pride which is self love ,self righteous and loves one own opinion. This for me is a grace i ask for daily. I am happy to discuss any persons faith journey. I love to share faith This property, in my opinion is one that leads people to the sacarements. It is a place for people who are away from God, the church. It has open arms for all. Some are not willing to go to the church---but this is a place to guide them back. Gods in charge of all souls. As I said before the devil would NEVER UTTER THE WORDS "PRAISE BE JESUS" So please forgive me for my lack of computer skills

Adoro said...

Thank you, Teri, this makes conversation MUCH easier.

What you said here is problematic:

"Just sharing my views right or wrong but the Father I have come to Love, Serve and Praise will accept any prayer no matter how small."

If your prayer is not within the will of God, maybe He hears, but He will not answer. If you're a mother, and your 3 year old says that if you love him you'll let him drive the big farm tractor, do you let him do it?

What you are saying in your comment is that you don't really care what is objective Truth, but that you've made God the Father into an image of yourself that doesn't demand anything of you, such as obedience to an authority other than your own. What you are saying is that you are a relativist.

Now, I don't know if you're Catholic or not, and if you are not, certainly I don't expect you to follow Catholic teaching.

But whether you share this Faith or not, know that the Catholic Church DOES care for your soul, so does the Bishop, and when something objectively evil is going on and leading souls astray, that's a huge problem.

This place ISN'T guiding souls back. It is encouraging disobedience, is separating people of good will from God's own House with a cheap substitution.

This is a tragedy.

Also, Teri, you contradict yourself:

One of my prayers is to guard myself against Intellectual pride, the pride which is self love ,self righteous and loves one own opinion. This for me is a grace i ask for daily. I am happy to discuss any persons faith journey. I love to share faith This property, in my opinion is one that leads people to the sacarements.

It is pretty clear here that you ARE very much attached to YOUR own opinion.

But your right to an opinion like that on this property has been trumped by a higher authority, hasn't it? Will you still cling to your opinion or are you willing to give your assent of faith to the actual Authority established by Jesus Christ in His Church (if you are Catholic)?

We all struggle with self-love, of course, we all have attachments. But this is a very grave matter demanding our obedience for the good of our souls. This is a real test. Where will we cast our lots? Are we among the sheep or the goats?

I'm clinging to the True Church and known authority of Christ. Not some fly-by-night operation trying to tear souls away from it by claiming to direct them to it.

Please open your eyes!

teri said...

Have you ever been to this property?

Adoro said...

Teri ~ What difference does it make if I have been there or not? How would that change the objective Truth that the Bishop has spoken and Salvation is contained in the Church and NOT through theologically suspect messages?

teri said...

You have not addressed the fact that the devil would never utter the words "PRAISE BE JESUS" Also I do know for a fact that this place is bringing people to the faith. 4 years ago i went to this place with a 71 year old jewish woman that had a complete conversion and was welcomed into the Catholic Church as one of the most devote Catholics I have had the priviledge of meeting. Also on pilgrimages to this place, the lines for confessions go on for hours. I haven't seen many lines for confessions at many churches or thousands upon thousands of people praying the Rosary for the Church priests etc. If we won't do it WHO WILL? The Confraternity asks members to Love God above all else, love your neighbor as yourself and to go daily Mass, spend 1 hour a week in front of the blessed sacrament, go to confession once a month and to do service. this I would not call a tragedy. Also no one knows what prayers God will answer.The first prayer that we say daily"Hold me deeply in Your bosom of Divine Will" Is this a prayer that would not be embraced by a loving Father? I told you I ask for the grace against love of my own opinion---I did not say I have it. When you look around and see the condition of our world,the church and situations We need to come together and work together. I pray one day for harmony. Yes it will come and i beg for God's mercy for every person on Earth. Not for some but for all.I think God is calling the layity for their help. I think God loves us both for loving God so very much God Bless you

Adoro said...

Teri ~ What the Bishop stated is that the events there are not supernatural. It's not the Saints or Mary or Jesus speaking through is herself. And she is perfectly capable of saying "Praised be Jesus Christ."

The fact is that God can use anything to effect conversions. But that is not what is used to judge an apparition. Read the document I posted.

It looks at the claimed visionaries and the content of the messages. The fact is that the messages contain clear doctrinal errors, repeated doctrinal errors. The fact is that Maureen herself does not hold up to scrutiny.

The fact is that you're making an argument in a vacuum belonging to your love of your own opinion. You're basing everything on your own experience. That is not how God thinks, that is not how He acts. You're trying to make God into YOUR own image based on how YOU think things should be.

Yet in comparing HL and especially the most recent events with the actions taken by Saints in the history of the Church, it is patently obvious that Marueen is NOT legitimate, that the site is NOT of the Holy Spirit, and that you are very much in the wrong, objectively, to be arguing against the action of the Bishop.

People who are sincere in their faith can be caught up in things and God will act through them personally. But that fact does not legitimize the site, and that is why claimed conversions and Confessions heard there in the past is not a factor in the Church's discernment of the validity or authenticity of a claimed apparition.

Note the Bishop's letter well: no priests are allowed to celebrate sacraments on the site, and that includes Confession. Priests need faculties to perform the sacraments (outside of imminent death) and the Bishop has removed faculties. If a priest comes from another diocese, he needs faculties to hear confessions. The Bishop in this document prohibits them.

So realize you are treading on VERY thin ice, and arguing with me about what you want to believe about God who is objective and transcends us is not going to help your case. Nor does it give any validity to the fiasco going on at HL.

Salvation is WITHIN the Church....HL is far outside of it.

You choose. Just stop trying to drag people down with you.

Adoro said...

Teri ~ If you happen to come back, first, I apologize because I accidentally deleted your comment when I was trying to delete someone else who DIDN'T sign a name.

You said that confessions are not heard on the property, good. I just hope that means that priests aren't trying to find a "loophole" in order to disobey their bishop. Nuff said.

Second, you said you will remain in Divine Will...well, if you follow messages of this claimed "seer" that is telling you to follow THEM instead of what the Church has always taught about Salvation...then you have left Divine Will of God and you have made yourself God in his place...and those messages. It is idolatry.

I will continue praying for you and for all who blindly follow the messages of someone recent as opposed to the wisdom and Divine Revelation of the Church, the Bride of Christ.

It is clear who should be followed...and it ain't Maureen.

Keep in mind...for those who say "The Bishop might be wrong": well, if he is, that is no reason to disobey. The Bishops mishandled Padre Pio and he was vindicated....after he humbly submitted in obedience. Maureen has instead separated herself from the Church and disregarded the Bishop. Clearly...she's a liar and a fraud.

I pray for her eternal salvation. She won't find it and won't lead anyone to it through the false spirit talking in her ear and encouraging her pride and her empire and her blind minions.

Adoro said...

REMINDER TO ALL COMMENTERS: As I stated above, I will DELETE all comments published as "anonymous". This is for coherence, accountability, and courtesy.

If you have published a comment that was deleted, you are free to comment again, but with a NAME attached. SOME kind of handle. It doesn't have to be your real name.

Thank you.

Lyss said...

I just wanted to make an observation...maybe it's obvious or irrelevant, but the language of each of the messages are all the same no matter "who" is appearing. Just from reading Thomas Aquinas' "On Law, Morality, and Politics," and then looking at a recent message from him "coming to help you clearly understand what is taking place," it seems nothing like St. Thomas Aquinas' mode of speaking or way of presenting logical ideas.

Just an observation...

Adoro said...

Lyss ~ I've noticed the same thing. It's as if a robot is spitting out the same things, over and over. St. Thomas Aquinas used very highly developed methods of reason. Anyone who has actually studied his work, even briefly, must realize that the "messages" don't hold up to scrutiny.

We've had to read extensively from the Summa, and while the going is difficult, it's definitely worth it. I just never realized a "side effect" of studying his work would mean that it would be used to reveal very clearly some bit of a woman's hack job pretending to be him and calling it an "apparition".