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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Sayin'

I just want to say that as a fellow math-atheist, I fully agree with this very wise Seminarian, Michael and the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon he has posted.  

If he and his very profound understanding is any indication of that of the rest of his brothers,  we can rest assured we'll all be in good hands. 

Ahhh!  How NICE to see wisdom! 


Anonymous said...

Do you mind updating to my new blog please?

Adoro said...

Jackie ~ Will do so next time I update..I tend to do them in groups, and I'm admittedly woefully behind. But anyone clicking on my profile can see that I'm following you, and that MIGHT actually be a better way, anyway. In fact..that's how I've found my favorite blogs, through that feature! :-)

MJ said...

As a high school math teacher, I can see some of my students in that cartoon. LOL!
Thanks for sharing.

Adoro said...

MJ, forgot you teach math...sorry! :-(

MJ said...

I love the cartoon. I want to print it and hang it at school. The other math teachers will get a good laugh from it too.