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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thanks Be To God!

Thank you, my friends, for your prayers!

Today I received a call from a family member - a couple are pitching together to help me in this crisis, at least with regard to the house.

The foreclosure is going away!

I don't yet know how I'm going to keep from going into default on my student loan but on that front, there is a little more hope and I can probably "buy" a little more time. Please keep the prayers coming!

Many have suggested I place a Paypal button on my blog, and I may yet need to do that, but given the phone call today, I am thankful to be able to hold off. Thank you for your offered generosity - I am very touched by so many so willing to help. Whereas I may still need that kind of help one day, for now the hand of the bank is going to be stayed at least with regard to the most critical issue - the roof over my head.

This afternoon in the Adoration Chapel I prayed for all of you who have been praying for me and I hope you are all deeply blessed by God. I know many of you are undergoing other kinds of trials right now, so be assured of my prayers on your behalf.

Thank you, Jesus!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Well, that is good news, indeed. So glad you will be able to keep your home!

Jose said...

Hello, Adoro. Been a while since I checked up on you thanks to the traveling I did over summer and my crazy work environment. I am glad to return to you and find you on a high note! God Bless!

Jose C.

Terry Nelson said...

I just tuned in - I'm glad you will keep the house. I think it's time for you to put up a donate app - nothing wrong with that - the times warrant it. I'm poor but I can pray and I will. God bless you.

(I know of a guy who has 6 different apps to donate to him posted on his blog - if he can do it, anyone can.)

Adoro said...

Terry ~ It's just that I've really wanted to avoid that. So many do it for everything and nothing under the sun.

I was hoping to find another way, to be more resourceful in other ways, but could be the time is coming.

I'm hoping it's not quite necessary...yet.

I have some inheritance that may actually be worth something. If it is, I may sell. If not...I'll have to resort to begging. Don't wanna...!

Terry Nelson said...

If I could help I would - so I'm praying.

Adoro said...

Terry - and All! ~ Praying is the BEST thing you can possibly do!

I spoke with my brother today and he voiced what I worry about, too. He "bails" me out now, but it's a loan, only, not a gift. Which is how I see it, too. He's not rich and doesn't have "disposable income". Mom is on disability but is helping me just the same even tho' I'd prefer she didn't.

What happens next summer when I'm in the same boat?

I pray not to be here, but the job market isn't promising for anyone. No intelligent person would gamble on it.

This may be only a delay of the inevitable, but still, it's worth delaying to see what God does and what maybe I can do in the meantime.

Ugh..please pray and keep praying really hard!

Adoro said...

Jose ~ You keep praying for me, man! Maybe your prayers helped me fix a major problem in my house today! (maybe blog post coming on that)

Elizabeth ~ Good news for now, but until the money is in hand, in the bank, and transferred...I won't sleep!

The fact is the banks are very unethical and I've learned that all the payments I HAVE made are in a "holding account". So my credit report shows thousands in arrears...since July. The reality is I'm about 1.5 months behind right now.

The bank won't apply it until I pay 100%. Seriously...they won't APPLY it!

Yet..the money they accepted is NOT in my bank account, but theirs. And it shows as a deficit on my credit report.

Damn crooks!

Jose said...

I will pray for you everytime I think of you! Best you continue to pray for me! Maybe one day I will get over my Pelagian inclinations ;)

Jose C.

HopefulBride said...

Great to hear/read your good news. Will continue praying.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

God be praised! Prayers continue. I remembered you at Mass yesterday.

Christie said...

Awesome news, Adoro. I knew those prayers would bear fruit!

I have a Private Plurk waiting for you, m'am!