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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Knew it Was Coming

My friends, I need to request your prayers.

Yesterday evening as I settled in to watch Kitchen Nightmares, a nightmare of a whole different sort came to my door in the form of a ringing bell and certified letter. I didn't even need to look at the address; I knew what it was as I signed for it.

It was my foreclosure notice. I have until November 5 to come up with $1800.00 in addition to my regular monthly payment of about $930.00.  I will also owe $200 on one of my student loans that was under a forbearance.

Right now I'm praying for a miracle. It's possible that I own something that can be sold, but probably not likely to happen in the time period I've been given.

I know that I can live in my house for a year under foreclosure, but my hope is that I can stop the proceedings by somehow coming up with the cash to pay the amount I'm behind. It seems like so little, doesn't it? Yet to me, it's a greater fortune than I've ever seen.

For those unfamiliar with my story, the reason I am behind is not for willfully skipping payments, but the fact that over the summer I was down to 25 hours per week and no other income. During that time my lender granted me a forbearance and I paid about half of my regular mortgage in that time period.

I am trying to work with the bank but they offer few options and the fact remains: I must pay this debt and I intend to pay it.

Please pray for me.


Fr John Abberton said...

Sorry to hear this. If I could I would help you financially, but all I can offer you are my prayers.

Mandrivnyk said...

Oh, no! I, too, very much wish I was in a position to help you financially. You have my prayers.

TLW said...

I will most certainly pray for you. But, do you accept donations through your blog? I have all the Mystic Monk coffee we can use for the next few months so a simple donation that could go directly to you would be preferable. It won't be much, but there are enough of us that if we all helped in some small way, you'd be out of the jam (for now, anyway). In the meantime, placing your petition before Sts. Therese and Rita. God Bless.

Mrs. Rudd said...

Yes, please, either a donate button or a PO Box to which we can send funds. (I understand anonymity so you can email the directions to if you prefer).

And most certainly prayers for you. St. Joseph understands (and he gets a lot of these prayers from me).