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Friday, May 13, 2011

Thought for the Day with GK Chesterton

It's been a crazy week in real life and I haven't been able to write. At all. Even a simple article due on Thursday to my boss didn't get turned in to her until this afternoon and in my opinion, it was dismal at best. Then last night I DID manage to write something up, an answer to a reader's question and you know what happened? Blogger was down for maintenance, and was STILL down this morning so I couldn't even post what I put in a Word document last night!

That was just as well as it does need some editing - whenever I actually manage to get to it. So, my apologies to Jose, I will get the answer to your question posted as soon as time and blogger maintenance issues allow.

In the meantime, here's a thought for you to ponder:

On the subject of Princess Beatrice's wedding hat:

I was wondering what G.K. Chesterton would say about it, and I think the words that would be emitted from his pen would be these:

"It's one thing to create a piece of dubious abstract "art" and display it in a museum where paying customers can come to observe it. It is another thing entirely to inflict it upon the world by bearing it upon one's or another's  head."

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