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Saturday, April 02, 2011


Tonight I'm craving cupcakes.

Dunno why; I rarely eat cake, much less cupcakes. The last chance I had to eat them I turned them down with no regrets. Then again...they were store-bought.

That's not what I crave.

What I crave is that little soft, moist cake baked in a tiny cup, topped with homemade butter-cream frosting.

I need that little cake of loving Mom-made goodness, that taste of homey simplicity, the flavor of classroom intercession, family pride and welcoming fellowship with...whoever imbibes.

There's just somethin' about Mom's cupcakes, even about the word itself.

It's the cutest word in the English language:  cupcake.  Cup. Cake. A piece of cake that fits in a cup. A little cup. It's a cute little cake in the likeness of a cup but it's made up by the substance of a sweet, delectable cake. Mmmm....cake. Cupcake. Single-serving perfection with icing on top.

The best cupcake I ever had is the kind made by Mom.

Dang it! I'd feel so much better right now if I had such a simple little cupcake.


If Jesus came to my house, I'd bake Him a cupcake, if I had the ingredients. Just like Mom's.

Jesus would love cupcakes.


X said...

Can I come for cupcakes too?!

Brother Charles said...


Beth Lemer said...

check out hungrygirl. She makes some really good but low cal cupcakes!

Adoro said...

I don't have the time or ingredients to make cupcakes.

And lo-cal? If it's "lo-cal" it isn't a cupcake.

Charlene C. Duline said...

Well, now that you've wet our appetites, when do we get some cupcakes! Gosh, I could almost taste them from your description! I don't even care for cupcakes. They're difficult to eat. But I learned from Carlos, the baker, today that the way to eat them is to cut them in half and make a sandwich. That sounds rather disgusting and does not look pretty either. The few times I've eaten the things, I end up with frosting on my nose and cheeks. But I sure would like one right now! Thanks, Adoro. You've probably made somebody forget that they gave up sweets for Lent!