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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Saga of the Mouse continues...

Oh, yes, already there is news.

This morning I went to Home Depot and studied options for mouse traps.

Poison?  No - can save that for a last resort.

Snap traps?  No - they scare me because I'm a klutz and I need my fingers (for things like typing and painting!)

Found a trap that has a little "bait door", put peanut butter on it, it looks kinda like an igloo with a little entrance and everything. And as I found out, it is VERY sensitive. I set it down in my garage, started to push it into a little hidey-hole behind a table, and it snapped! Darn dry leaves!

Of course, when that happened, I screeched like a little girl.

I reset it, got the broom to clean out the area a little, then put the trap in place. Went inside to get the glue traps and when I returned, that darn thing was running along the garage wall, jumped up on a little metal plate near the door and scampered into the large gap in the wall between my garage and the one next door.

My dog was RIGHT!  Good dog!

As much as my skin was crawling, I was THRILLED to confirm the mouse's path.

Traps are now set: two disposable kill-em-quick (I think) traps, and 4 glue traps with little bits of cheese on them to entice the mouse.

I really wish the dang thing had just stayed outside. I'm hoping it just came in to explore and that it hasn't been here long. I'm really hoping it just goes away. But more likely it's breeding and in a couple weeks its progeny will be breeding...and breeding...and so on.'s going away now.  Buh-bye!


Melody K said...

To quote the cartoon cat, Mr. Jinks (I know, that dates me!): "I hate meeces to pieces!" We lived in one place that had them really, really, bad. We have not been bothered with them since we have had cats. Even when we had an aged and lazy cat, the scent must have been enough to keep them away. I'm glad poison is your last resort; I can tell you that it isn't true that they go outside to die.
I am reminded of the story about St. Martin de Porres; he asked the mice to leave the monastery and go to the barn, and he promised to bring them food. He fed them in the barn and everyone lived happily ever after. Wish it were that easy for the rest of us!

Adoro said...

Melody ~ Indeed! I'd be thrilled to get a cat, but my dog would eat the cat!

I'm sure she'd eat a mouse, too, actually, which is why I had her sniff out the trail last night.

But still...let's just say I'd rather feed my dog a steady diet of nice dog food. But if a mouse gets into the house, she will be ON it!

Even if it means destroying whatever the mouse is behind....

uh oh....