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Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Study Social Ethics and Write a Paper

Some of you may remember last winter's treatise on How to Study Theology.

Well, I'm back with a lesson today on how to study Social Ethics and write a paper.

1.  Gather your study materials, turn off tv, radio, ipod, etc.  Make sure you have good lighting, working pens, hi lighters, and tabs to mark the pages.

2. If you haven't already, complete the reading to familiarize yourself with the subject material for your paper.

3. Get out your notebook and begin taking notes or making your outline regarding the subject. You may have to complete this portion before you can actually begin the paper as you will need to write an opening paragraph identifying what you will be covering and the conclusion you have drawn.

4. Make note of main points and any quotes you plan to use so that you can identify the source at that time without wasting time searching for it again.

5. Look up at the dog lying on the rug, and notice that she is shedding. Surmise that it must be very itchy and uncomfortable for her.

6. Find your favorite grooming tool and spend some time carefully working on removing the shedding hair and maybe even matts that you've neglected. Comfort the dog and apologize when you pull a bit too hard and she jumps.

7.  When one side is completed, ask if she wants a biscuit and provide said biscuit promptly so that she will know that grooming is a good experience, even if it is contrary to her actual lived experience.

8.  In the kitchen, notice the click of dog nails on the Pergo flooring. Realize that she needs to have her nails clipped. As you're already distracted, go ahead and get the nail clippers and the REALLY GOOD treats as it's not a favorite task for either of you.

9. When finished clipping, put the treats away and sweep the floor.

10. Take the dog outside to go potty.

11. As it's a nice day, go for a walk and ponder what you've learned in your studies. Mentally turn over the different points you intend to cover and consider slightly restructuring your paper.

12.  Return home, put the dog's leash away, return to your desk.

13. Realize that you are thirsty after your walk and that you need some water. Go to the kitchen for water, and give the dog fresh water, too.

14.  Return to your desk, glance at your totally illegible notes, grab your sources, and connect to the internet.

15.  Begin writing blog post about how to study Social Ethics.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

you forgot the nap :)

Adoro said...

No nap today! No time, have a paper to write! lol

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Do you have Dr. Kennedy for this class?
I had him in the IRPS program in '99.
He was great.

Adoro said...

Father ~ Nope, have no idea who he is. I'm a student at Ave Maria University:

My prof is the program director, and he has a gift to point out heretical points without actually calling us heretics! :-)

What is IRPS?

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

IRPS (Institute of Religious and Pastoral Studies) at the time I attended was from the U of Dallas. Douglas Bushman was the director and they had classes at St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Mpls.
Dr. Robert Kennedy is a professor at the UST and was an adjuct professor; he taught my Social Ethics class.
Mr.Bushman runs the IPT, which is exactly like what he did with the IRPS, which I believe is out of Ave Maria.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

I didn't read the full address; of course it's the IPT and Mr. Bushman!
He was a teacher of mine for several classes; same theological program...different University!

Adoro said...

Father ~ Yes, we're the IPT now and taking classes at that same parish! :-) I DO have him for Social Ethics and Pastoral theology. A couple years ago had him for Vatican II, Writings of JP2 and Foundations of Catholic spirituality. He's great. Brutal...but great!

Adoro said...

Um, to be clear..>I have Prof. Bushman for SE. And the others I named.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Brutal but great...exactly!
I learned a lot from him; his classes on JPII, VII and Chritsian Spirituality really prepared me for the seminary. Glad to hear this is still going at St. Charles Borromeo.
I really enjoyed my classes there and being at the Parish.

Adoro said...

It's an awesome program, but our group is finishing up...we'll be graduating in June. They haven't yet been able to start another class so I'm really really hoping they get enough applications to start one next Fall.

You say it got you ready for the seminary...and all of us say that each semester, there has been tremendous graces that has come to us through these courses.

OH and I LOVE St. Charles Borromeo!