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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Prende La Bomba!"

Sometimes, we choose our fast. Sometimes it is chosen for us.

Back when I lived in Mexico, the shower in the home where I lived was on an upper floor, and directly over it was a broken skylight.  As October moved into November, the night temperatures would fall into the low 50's so some mornings when I got up to get ready to go to class or elsewhere, I'd be shivering in that cold. Still, knowing what REAL cold was like, it was only a minor inconvenience.

Of course, most mornings we had hot water, but some days...not so much. I became adept at very quick, economical showers in freezing-cold water.  In one of our classes, as I recall our teacher told us that we could yell "Prende la bomba!" to tell people to turn the hot water pump on, but I never once used the phrase. (Admittedly I was a little afraid I'd get the phrase wrong and be yelling something ridiculous or obscene, which unfortunately did happen at other occasions much to my great mortification.)  Most mornings, actually, by the time I was in the shower the host family was gone anyway, running the kids to school or perhaps already at work...or just leaving.

I was reminded of those cold-shower mornings in a very real way this morning, but somehow, I think the water is colder in Minnesota.

Over the years, that being most of my life before and after Mexico, I've become quite accustomed, especially in these winter/early spring days, to enjoy a nice warm shower in at least a fairly warm house.

Until Saturday- that is...yesterday.

I turned on the water to the shower...not warming up. I turned the dial further over...a little improvement but not much. Realizing something was very wrong with the heater, I jumped into the shower to use what warmth was left, it was quite bearable but nothing near what I'd call "warm enough", and when I was done and ready to go, I made sure the pilot light wasn't out. No smell of gas. No leak.

I replaced this stupid thing only a few years ago.

When I called to see when they could service the heater, I learned that they would need an 8 hour block of time. Being that this is a class weekend and I'm not here, this weekend is not an option. I made an appointment for Monday afternoon.

You realize, of course, that that means...two days of cold showers. Not just cold, but FREEZING cold!

I hope I didn't wake my neighbors up as I gasped for air in shock this morning and screeched while trying to wash my hair.

Oh, and by the way....I'm quite awake today, thank you very much!

Also....I really hope those words I posted mean what I think they mean.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.


Teófilo de Jesús said...

"Prende la bomba" means "turn on the pump" in second person imperative. It can also mean "light up the bomb [fuse], same grammatical person, same mode.

Melody K said...

Brrrr! That would shock one's system a bit, I hate cold water! I remember you talking about replacing the hot water heater not too long ago; I hope there's still some warranty left.
I think I'd be using my "call a friend" option; to borrow their shower for the next couple of days.
("light up the bomb" --maybe too appropriate if the pilot light had been out!)

Rachel said...

Oh goodness! I'm sorry! Hope you can make it through that cold - I couldn't bear it! I'd end up boiling some water over the stove or something to avoid the cold!

Banshee said...

Boil water. Have a sponge bath.

Adoro said...

Teofilo~ Thanks, recalled the phrase with that meaning, but search engines did not return it I decided to go with memory hoping memory served! It therefore means EXACTLY what I was told it means! :-)

Melody ~ I don't really have that option. While my neighbors are good people, if I randomly showed up and said, "Can I use your shower" I could see problems there...

Milosc ~ Really, wasn't THAT bad...really. the human body can adapt.

Suburbanbanshee ~ Why are Americans such wusses? MOST of the world doesn't have access to even cold purified water! What's a couple days of freezing-cold water that still remains available for for a shower, no matter how uncomfortable????

It's fixed now, doesn't matter, but seriously, if people don't think cold water can be survived, they need to spend some time in the real world.

All I wrote about here is inconvenience and discomfort.

Dang. I have running water. I can't believe how many people have emailed and commented regarding this as though it is the end of the world.

What is WRONG with us in America? Why is my lack of hot water such a magnet for sympathy? What's wrong with penance when something goes wrong? (Rhetorical questions, all, including me!)

Mary N. said...

I don't know which is funnier...your post or your comment! I live in an apartment- style condo. We lose our hot water frequently and when we lose our hot water - our heat goes too :) They can't replace the boiler until spring for some odd reason.
My daughter thinks it's cool! Like going to the beach!