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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some days you're the windshield...

It's been one of those days.

I was doing some field work this morning and as I walked beneath a large, shady tree, I felt something land on my head.

Somewhat apprehensively, I realized that either a bird just dropped on me, or a leaf landed in my hair. I reached up to wipe off whatever it was, really expecting my unprotected hand to meet the dry scratchiness of a dead leaf.


With a girly screech I made a throwing motion with my left hand and with my right, threw my clipboard to the ground in surprise. (I'm a girl, by the way). I looked at my hand, trying to find the stinger embedded between my first and 2nd finger on the left hand.

Before my very eyes it began more than one place. A yellow jacket, maybe? In the area where I worked I saw several of them so I surmised there must be a nest nearby.

Boy, did it sting! Thus the name for the little poison-bearing bug weapon.

I was able to complete my work and as I drove away to head back to the office early, I heard the cell phone chirp at me...and realized it was out of power! The charger in the company vehicle was not compatible with the cell phone.

I realized that I could look at this in a couple of different ways:

1. I could see this as being a "bug" kind of know the saying: "Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug".

2. I could thank God that I am not allergic to bee stings, as I was working in the field alone AND the phone was useless for a 911 call;


3. I could be disappointed that I'm NOT allergic to bee stings, as had all gone in that direction, I could be standing before the Lord meeting my judgment and hopefully entering the pearly gates to spend eternity with the Heavenly Father. So by that logic, I should be disppointed that I'm not dead.

Of course, this last idea is somewhat problematic; I'm not sure I'm ready to meet God and even though I have confidance in the mercy of Jesus Christ, I do not have confidence in my own ability to judge the sinfulness of my wretched soul.

So what have I learned from this day? A few things:

1. I'm still not allergic to bee stings
2. I trend more towards optimism and even when I was stung, I actually did NOT swear like a sailor! (an old habit of I rid of it?)
3. I still scream like a little girl. How embarassing!
4. I obviously believe in heaven because I felt a sense of loss of a great thing when I didn't get to die and meet God. I have lots of questions to ask him.
5. I am not ready to meet God
6. If I'm not ready to meet God, then I question the state of my soul. therefore...
7. I need to go to Confession and be healed of whatever sins ail me. I need to complete a good examination of conscience.

So! I guess the above may prompt questions about the Catholic faith from the "once saved, always saved" crowd, and I welcome your questions.

I just caution anyone who has decided that I am not "Saved"...don't try to convert me or you may find yourself converting to the Holy Catholic Church! :-)

God bless you all! May your next days find you more as the windshield rather than the bug, unless you enjoy the lessons learned by the days you are squashed.

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Tim said...

"I still scream like a little girl." That made me laugh.