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Monday, September 12, 2005

Alert on fraudulent e-mails

Just providing a PSA here.

Tonight I recieved what I recognize to be a fraudulent e-mail. The gist of it was that some guy posing as a "Barrister" and addressing me as "President/CEO" asked for my permission to use my name to be listed as the next of kin for a substantial fortune. In exchange for my generous spirit as he dispurses this alleged fortune resulting from the death of a person in a plane crash, I will get to keep 35% of the millions of dollars available.

Confidentiality is stressed.

Sure, I could provide my name, Company name, fax number, etc....but why? No doubt he will next be asking for my bank account so that he can transfer monies into it for safekeeping, and then he would inform me of various foreign fees, etc.

Now, as much as I've been praying for money to deal with financial issues I'm experiencing now, I'm not desperate enough to just hand over the pennies in my piggy bank so easily.

So, I am providing some information to you all.

If you are looking to report this type of fraud:

This last also advised to contact your local Secret Services office. For those in Minnesota, the number is: 612-348-1800

Don't let these jokers lull your senses and pique your greed with such transparent hoaxes. Report this kind of stuff so law enforcement can compile it so as to better protect everyone.

God bless you all.

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