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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Thanks to all of you who continue to follow my blog, in spite of such sporadic and non-specific posts.

Let me give you a little humor.

Today, Tim the Director of Custodial Services, visited my realm. I heard him come in and as I was heading out on another errand met him in our "foyer"

Tim said to me, "I'm looking for a missing broom, wondering if you have it here somewhere."

I told him, "Oh, I took it and rode off on it last night."

He turned to walk away, tossing over his shoulder, "Well, ya shoulda rode it back!"


Katherine said...

LOLOLOLOL! Awesome! Thanks for the Friday laugh, and have a great weekend!

Arthur Joseph said...

Thank you for your humor and wisdom.

Fr. Joseph

Manoj - Outsource Survey Processing said...
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Jose said...

Hi Adoro! I hope you are doing well. So, I have a question I have been pondering for a bit and am hoping for your opinion on the matter. The question is on the Angels and where we stand in relation to them in the "Great Hierarchy". When I speak to most Protestants I find that they believe that it is man's destiny to surpass Angels and stand nearer to God than they. Essentially, that Angels are closer to God FOR NOW because of man's fallen nature, but that man was once closer to God than Angels in the time of Adam and Eve, and that humans shall be raised higher than Angels once again one day. Man, as God originally made him, is higher than the Angels. Yet, as I watch EWTN I often find individual Theologian's often putting Angels closer to God than man, by nature. In Psalm 8 we find a line that says "Only a Little lower than the Angels you made us", and that to me sort of sealed the deal in favor of Angels, by nature, being closer to God. Recently, though, I have found that not all translators say the same in that Psalm. Some Translators actually say the PSalmist writes "Only a little lower than GOD you made us." ...That tips the scale in favor of my Protestant friends' belief that MAN has the higher nature, fallen as it currently is. What do you think? Personally, I am rooting for the Angels, but that is my personal bias against people talking ;) Thank you for your time! And God Bless you...Angels too

Jose C.

Jose said...

If I can add one more thing. I am aware that there is ONE human being that has risen above the Angels. That is, of course, the Queen of Angels the Holy Virgin Mary. Yet, I must consider that she is hardly the answer to that question. She is, after all, a VERY VERY SPECIAL human being. God touched her nature in a very special way at her very Conception. She had a very special relationship to God in His human life on Earth. And of course there is her EXTRAORDINARY virtue to consider. She has the whole package in a way no other human, that isn't also God, has had or will ever have again. If we were talking math and statistics, I would consider the Virgin Mary an OUTLYER than skews the results. I can't help but think, "Yeah, SHE is held in Higher esteem by our Lord than the Angels, but....Who ELSE could God hold closer to our older brothers, the Angels, than she? There can't be anyone else." ... Anyways, thanks again! Sorry for being longwinded, too.

Adoro said...

Hi Jose!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post your comments. This time of year is INSANELY busy for me and I hope to maybe use your questions in their own post.

So please have a little more patience with me and I will hopefully get to it very soon!

God bless and thanks, as always, for your questions! (and you're NOT long-winded! You just know how to give pertinent facts about what you know so as to highlight your main questions!) :-)

Jose said...

.....Naw, I am very long-winded. ;)

Adoro said...


One of the reasons I love ya Jose!

Adoro said...

Jose, if you're subscribed to comments, your answer has been posted. :-)