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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Little Wisdom from St. Teresa of Avila

A couple weeks ago Paraclete Press sent me a review copy of a little daily wisdom - through the year with saint teresa of avila,  compiled by Bernard Bangley.

The book begins with an introduction about St. Teresa's life and writings. Bangley included a short section on definitions of words common to St. Teresa's writings (such as "His Majesty" and "recollection"), followed by a listing of works from which he took excerpts, and finally, followed by a list of people to whom she wrote, and who they were.

As the title implies, there is a reading for each day of the year, some very short, others two to three paragraphs.

I admit that as of this writing, I have not completely read through that book; this is one that must be savored. The readings are not arranged topically, but rather, some are stories of her life, others advice on prayer, some of her own lamentations or poetry, or other spiritual lessons designed to help another soul advance in holiness.

If you are indeed looking for a daily devotional or even some spiritual reading divided into something you can read quickly, or if perhaps you simply would like an introduction to St. Teresa of Avila, this may be exactly the book for you.

Paraclete Press is also coming out with this year's lenten offerings, so go have yourself a peruse!


Mark said...

Publishers send you review copies? I'm seriously impressed...!

Adoro said...

Oh, don't be impressed. I did a couple reviews a few years ago, but then my Master's program got in the way - just couldn't do any extra reading!

It's pretty common for publishers to send bloggers review copies. I've also had secular businesses try to get me to give them ad space by promising me gold wedding rings and the like. I turn most of them down, but a few books on spirituality here and there is something I can handle! :-)

The Ironic Catholic said...

I really like Paraclete Press--they have some great spirituality books and devotionals.

Adoro said...

IC ~ They do have some great stuff. I have enjoyed all the review copies of books they sent me and hope to do more with them!