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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I've had a lot of somber topics lately, and two posts today, so I thought I'd give you a post on the inner workings of Adoro's brain.

It's been an interesting week; busy at work, busy at home, irregular hours, and a medical condition that is freaking me out a little.

But the REAL event this week was one that caused me to send an email to a couple of friends, one I'm certain I'll never live down.

The topic?


Yup. Adoro is a woman and she likes men. Stop pretending to be shocked.

Here's how it happened: I went to pick up some French bread to go with a recipe. After grabbing the bread I considered a couple other things from the deli, but passed them by. As I made my way to checkout, I became aware that some guy was doing the same thing and was right on my heels. I hurried more quickly, thinking maybe I'd "cut him off" and if I took a quick turn through organic foods, maybe I'd get out of his way. Nope. He continued, hot on my heels.

I searched the lines, all were long, so satisfied myself by heading to one of the express lanes. So did my male shadow stranger.

He seemed to be REALLY CLOSE to me. And while I'll admit I'm an affectionate person, I have my boundaries (arbitrary, admittedly) and I don't like ANYONE, especially a stranger, to stand too closely to me. An arm's length or more is nice...this guy was within my zone.

So I just didn't look at him, realizing that if I did I'd be shooting arrows in his general direction, so I just put my bread on the belt and waited behind the guy ahead of me with 17 items. All was well.

Out of my peripheral vision, I saw that my shadow-guy had a bag that might be ice...I didn't look too closely. And from somewhere out of left field, I had the idea that maybe it would be nice, especially considering I was annoyed, if I told the checker I'd pay for his item as well. Ice was cheap, I had only bread, I could afford to pay for 1 extra item, couldn't I?

But I dismissed this, even though it nagged at me. I had this odd desire to do something NICE for someone I'd never met. And even though I was annoyed and hadn't yet seen the person who was annoying me, I didn't have a sense of "danger". Just general, "I wanna get out of here and go home" that I always have when I'm running errands that suck.

Well, the checker finally got ahold of my bread, and as I moved forward, she also grabbed the item belonging to the guy behind me...which I realized wasn't ice, but was a bag of frozen chicken breasts. Just before she ran it, she asked if it was mine. Both he and I, at the same time, said that was his.

That was my first glance at him.

I nearly hit the floor at that point. At just a glance.

And just as I was thinking of the irony of my thoughts while in line, having to do with "the Good Samaritan", he stated, "And you'd think that there would be Good Samaritans in the world today..."

I think that's where I stopped breathing.

Seriously, suddenly I had to focus on every word I said.

That's right...Adoro was speechless.

But I forced myself, and said to him, trying not to drool, "Just so you know...if I pay for that (nodding at the frozen chicken) it will be coming home with me..."

The checker, apparently trying to be helpful, said to the guy, "Well, maybe you should follow HER!"

That's where think my heart may have stopped for a moment.

I couldn't even speak. Time stopped.

He saved me. He said, "Well, I was going make alfredo."

That's when my tongue came back, and instead of making a gutteral nonsensical sound, I uttered, "Oooh! Yummy!"

And he flashed me his smile, which I'd already seen, but that time it was in my direction. By that point I was considering how much I love Jesus and that I really needed to go before I volunteered the fact that I was making pasta, too.

Or, that, God forbid, the checker suggest we have dinner together.

I might well have accepted. And so I thanked the checker as she handed me my receipt, and as I walked away to bag my bread, the cute guy wished me a great night. I glanced back long enough to be polite and wish him one back...but not long enough to make eye contact and stop in time, drooling.

Drooling is SO unattractive. And so weird. But my gosh...I wonder if maybe it would have been WORTH it?

You must understand...this man was BEAUTIFUL. And I haven't reacted like THAT to a guy...maybe EVER.

So I'm a bit taken by surprise by my twitterpation. That's right. I had a moment of being twitterpated.

Yup. Me, Adoro, the woman who is used to working with guys and doesn't tend to be too impressed by them. Has worked with cops, and firefighters, ex-Special Forces, etc.

And there I was, confronted by a moment of attraction, and was rendered nearly speechless.

Oh, my. But he was beautiful. I'm sure he was a jerk. (My consolation).

I just have this sense that I missed an opportunity as I scurried out of the store that day, thinking, "I gotta go now....oh my...I should go...."

Stop laughing....!


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm not laughing, I had a moment similar to yours only it was about a girl, I might go into it at my blog.

...sometimes it's a reminder to see a person to keep pursuing your vocation....or not...that's where discernment comes in :)

I'm glad to learn a little about Adoro's brain.

Anonymous said...

The only thing is I tend to go really red in the face - not a good look when you're quite fair!

But that's it! I'm off to the supermarket!

Alice in Australia

Anonymous said...

Isn’t it funny to be walking along perfectly dignified, minding your own business, thinking important thoughts, and someone comes along and makes your IQ drop about 100 points?

I dated this guy in college who was totally out of my league (not many girls in engineering – I had an unfair advantage) and I’m trying to do advanced chemistry with a lab partner who looks like Val Kilmer. I was the star of the previous class – in this one I was lucky to remember how to work a doorknob.

I remember reading in St. Therese’s autobiography how she met a “pleasant” young man on a bus while on a pilgrimage and she freaks out a bit. Even the Little Flower got a dose of, “Oh @#*%, he’s yummy!”

There’s some website out there for priestly vocations where one of the FAQ’s on the home page is, “But I like girls!” It’s a great gift to have JPII’s Theology of the Body and now understand that, um, the real problem would be if you DIDN’T like girls.


uncle jim said...

I wonder how many men have slobbered and drooled all over themselves as they became speechless having encountered Ms Adoro in some similar fashion ... but ended up going on their way kicking themselves ... and eating alone

well ... it could happen ... one never knows who is smitten by whom

the likes of persons who would never turn our head probably do turn someone's

Hidden One said...

"Stop laughing....!"

Ok. ;)

Melody K said...

I'm not laughing. Met my husband in a grocery store. You just never know.
About the medical thing, hope it's not serious. Prayers offered.

X said...

Oh! You met my guardian angel - I sent him to check up on you. (grin!)

Adoro said...

ROFL! You guys, your comments are hilarious!

Joe ~ I know guys have these moments (as a certain guy friend of mine have 2 brains but don't think with the right one...) lol!

Alice ~ Me, too!

CK ~ Yup, that about sums it up! That's the Cincinnati Vocations page, although I've seen similar things on a lot of Vocations pages. And yup...I know I'm a healthy woman! (I like guys!)

Uncle Jim ~ Um...probably not very many....

Hidden One ~ I said STOP LAUGHING! lol

Melody ~ You have GOT to share that story!

Angela...your Guardian Angel is very good looking! ROFL!

Anonymous said...


Did you ever consider that God may have specifically put that man in your path?

Discernment includes being open to God calling you to the married life also.

Nothing gives God a bigger chuckle than a human saying: "I've got plans". :)

Anonymous said...

Tony ~ Well, I AM open to what God wants for me, but I honestly believe this incident was more just a reminder that I'm a healthy human being cabaple of being humbled by hormones just like everyone else! lol

Should this guy show up again somewhere in my at a church event, THEN I'll start asking God some questions.

But I won't get caught up like some do by thinking that every odd event that occurrs in life means God is calling one to something. I do think I know where God is calling me....and it's not based on isolated incidents but a whole series of steps involving REAL discernment.

And no, I'm not going to discuss what I think God is asking of me.

paramedicgirl said...

Maybe he was your guardian angel. You did get a prompting to be a Good Samaritan, didn't you? You never know.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. Just think about it; wouldn't be just a BIT disturbing to suddenly fall head over heels in love with your Guardian Angel?

I think he was just a guy, nothing mystical about him.

And I don't even know if he was married...I didn't look as I'm not exactly looking for a date! lol

Anonymous said...

He was probably a jerk...or maybe he's attracted to men (what straight guy makes Alfredo?)

Anonymous said...

Anon ~ I didn't get the "gay vibe" from him. Sure, anything is possible. But I wouldn't make that assumption based on making alfredo...he COULD have been cooking for his girlfriend, for his mother...or even for a group of friends. I DO know male chefs that are not gay!

Anonymous said...

"Or, that, God forbid, the checker suggest we have dinner together." Adoro, I would have suggested the dinner myself!

Be prepared, going to the same store--he may just cross your path a second time--when he does--FLIRT GIRL!!! The only way a guy knows your available is if you flirt like crazy.

Once my friends daughter who was about 25--a very cute girl, was complainting that she could never meet any cute guys, as a joke, we bought her a book on how to flirt. She found a guy in 6 months and is now married to him, with two kids.

Anonymous said...

Tara...there's just one problem with that idea: I am REALLY REALLY REALLY NOT interested in dating. And I don't even think I know HOW to flirt anymore. And...typically if I'm at the grocery store, I'm not looking too nice; often I go when I get out of the gym and I'm nasty and sweaty. Or just running errands in whatever sloppy things I own.

Please, people...just because I got twitterpated does NOT mean a relationship is blooming!

In fact...I'm quite certain that I DO NOT want to get married. Ever.

But that doesn't mean I can't have a moment of lost IQ points when confronted by one of God's good creations.

Melody K said...

Adoro, short version of a long story: K.(my husband) and I were both employees at a grocery store (of which his father was part owner) during summer breaks in our college days. We were mutually attracted to each other, but were both too shy to do anything about it. My co-worker Karma (that was really her name!) took matters into her own hands and said to K., "Melody thinks you're cute. I think you should ask her out." He did, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Christina said...

I've had a similar experience. My friend and I were outside the church when a gorgeous guy pulled up and asked for mass times. I had a hard time remembering that the church had mass at all, let alone what times. When he finally drove off my friend turned to me and said, "I hope you don't mind, but that guy was really good looking." I replied, "Good looking??!! I think the proper term is HOT."

She was a bit shocked, since she didn't think those discerning the religious life could think about guys that way. I set her straight that God had made some really yummy men in the world, and it was perfectly OK (and normal) to thank him profusely for it. :)

Anonymous said...

Melody ~ That's a great story!

Christina ~ ROFL! INDEED! :-)

Allen's Brain said...

That was YOU?!

The alfredo turned out really good, by the way.