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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Slip of the Day

We are preparing for our opening for Faith Formation, tomorrow, scrambling to put things together, making last-minute changes as we juggle teachers and students and classrooms...oh my!

So I went down the list calling all the teachers as a reminder, to answer any last-minute questions, and provide some pertinent information. And of course, in the course of these conversations, other issues arose that need to be addressed, some very pressing.

As a result, it wasn't long before I was even more frazzled, and you all know that when one is frazzled, the tongue tends to slip a bit. In fact, I was actually experiencing the beginning pangs of panic.

In speaking to one catechist, I meant to tell her she could come in early if she felt like she needed to set up a bit. What I actually said was this:

"And if you'd like, you can come in early if you want to get upset."

Oh, dear.


Warren said...

Love it! :-)

I'm doing a talk for an RCIA class next week. That will be fun, I hope I don't say anything REALLY STUPID.


uncle jim said...

i don't believe in slips of the tongue ... and fortunate for me i don't - if i did, i'd be having to make corrections all day long.

Kiwi Nomad said...

Hope you slept well and the first day all runs smoothly. And if it doesn't... - there are bound to be opportunities for even worse slips of the tongue!

Christina said...

The slips of the tongue I do the most are those when I'm praying the rosary.

"The first joyful mystery, the Annuciation. Bless us O Lord and these thy gifts..."

"Oh my us from the fires of heaven and lead all souls into hell..."

By the way, I tagged you on a meme ;)

Banshee said...

We had a good one at Mass this week. Apparently the rich man didn't just eat sumptuous dinners; he ate scrumptious ones! :)

Hidden One said...

Well, he had the money!

Adoro said...

Thanks everyone, you're cracking me up!

The announcements I had to make went well, and I didn't trip and fall on my face on the way up. Or back down out of the sanctuary.

It was so weird being up there. And the church is built like a cross, so I had to keep cranking my head. I told Father later that I have a WHOLE NEW APPRECIATION for what he has to do every week.

Ultra ~ don't'll do really well!